Everything to Know About 'Perfect Match' Season 2 Standout Alara Taneri

She's a fashion designer who entered the Netflix reality universe on 'Dated and Related'—and her love story is one to watch this season.

a portrait of Alara Taneri from Netflix's 'Perfect Match' season 2

Now that the Netflix reality TV universe is packed with shows (and still growing), its hit summer dating show Perfect Match is the perfect place to meet stars who may have flown under the radar with their original introduction on the streamer. For the uninitiated, Perfect Match (which returned on June 7) is the streaming giant's answer to Bachelor in Paradise or Love Island, where dozens of reality stars are thrown into a villa to match up and have their connections "tested" whenever new participants move into the villa.

One of the standouts of the Perfect Match season 2 cast is Alara Taneri, whose bubbly, flirty personality previously made her a fan-favorite in the debut season of Dated and Related in 2022. Below, learn more about the rising star and the deep connection she makes once she enters Perfect Match season 2.

She's a fashion designer who's originally from Cyprus.

Taneri, 24, is originally from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and is of Turkish-Cypriot heritage. She's currently based in London, where she works as a fashion designer and influencer; she even previously maintained an Instagram page where she shared behind-the-scenes looks at her time pursuing a fashion degree in Herefordshire. Now she mainly posts outfit pics and some thrifting projects on her main Instagram and TikTok.

Taneri entered the Netflix reality universe on the first season of Dated & Related, a show where pairs of siblings offer emotional support while all sharing a villa and looking for love. She entered the show midway through with her older brother, influencer and YouTuber Ceylan Taneri. The two share a very close and sweet sibling relationship.

She used to date the sibling of another 'Perfect Match' star.

Ceylon and Alara Taneri, in a portrait from Netflix's 'Dated & Related'

Ceylon and Alara Taneri posing together in a promotional photo for Dated & Related.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

During her time on Dated & Related, Taneri hit it off with Kieran, who is her Perfect Match co-star Kaz's twin brother. Per Tudum, Alara and Kieran went their separate ways after the show ended, citing their busy lives—Taneri was still in university at the time—and living three hours apart.

She found an instant connection with Stevan Ditter on 'Perfect Match.'

stevan perfect match season 2

Stevan Ditter in a promotional photo for Perfect Match season 2.

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Alara enters Perfect Match in episode 3 when she's matched on a date with Too Hot to Handle season 3 alum Stevan. The pair quickly hit it off, with Alara saying that she sees her perfect match as a gentleman, and Stevan explaining that he's a mama's boy who learned how to treat a woman growing up. Though Stevan was matched with The Circle's Xanthi Perdikomatis at the time, and Alara was also interested in returning Perfect Match cast member Dom Gabriel, Alara and Stevan decide to see their connection through and match up after sharing a kiss.

As of the end of season 2's first six-episode drop, Alara and Stevan are still going strong. They're even one of the stronger couples in the villa, with Alara explaining that Stevan "treats her like a princess." However, their future as a couple depends on whether the pairing will survive the challenges in the remaining four episodes.

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