So, Are Emma and Micah From 'Selling Sunset' Together Now?

The property developer and the 'Selling Sunset' newbie hit it off in the show's fifth season.

Emma and Micah on Selling Sunset
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This season, Selling Sunset gave Emma Hernan a break from being solely Christine Quinn's mortal enemy—which, to be clear, also happened, but wasn't her only storyline this time around—and followed her blossoming romance with handsome property developer Micah McDonald. Micah, who describes himself on Instagram as "an entrepreneur, president and CEO, and hybrid athlete," was introduced to Emma by way of the multi-million dollar mansion he'd built, and went on to test-drive her empanadas for his mezcal bar (which was much more flirtatious than it sounds). After that, there was more flirtation, more multi-million dollar houses, a little drama with Christine—because what cast member on Selling Sunset doesn't have drama with Christine?—and, finally, a hot tub date in the season finale in which they got very close.

Selling Sunset season 5 filmed in late 2021, specifically November and December, so we're about five months out now—meaning that it's been five months after Emma and Micah hit it off. So, are they together now? Let's dig in, shall we?

Emma says they're "closer."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hernan confirmed that she and McDonald are not officially together—but also hinted about a proposal in season 6? I quote: "We've become closer. But it's right about there. So, we'll see. Maybe season 6, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?"

ET notes that Hernan and McDonald don't live even remotely close to each other; McDonald is primarily based in Texas, and Hernan splits her time between LA and Boston. Hernan hinted that this was why things hadn't gone further between them: "I've done the long-distance thing for so long that it would be nice to have a relationship where they're in the same, at least, state," she explained. But she did add that things have "progressed" between them since their season-finale hot tub date.

Speaking to Today, however, Hernan maintained that she was single, saying: "Right now I’m single and dating. I’m open to a relationship ... I'm open to something moving a little bit more serious." She added: "Micah and I still talk and we have a great relationship. TBD what happens with that...I don't want to spill too much...You never know what’s going to happen."

Emma's empanadas are on Micah's mezcal bar menu.

Hernan and McDonald remain linked professionally in at least one way: Hernan's vegan empanadas are on the menu at McDonald's mezcal bar, Sagrado Mezcaleria. Behold:

Sagrado Mezcaleria menu

(Image credit: Sagrado Mezcaleria)

But they don't follow each other on Instagram.

Not only have McDonald and Hernan not posted about each other on social media, they also don't seem to follow each other on Instagram. Which is...interesting.

Another interesting tidbit: Hernan meets McDonald after lamenting that she isn't able to find anyone great on apps like Raya—in spite of Ben Affleck chasing her down on Raya ("He may or may not have been texting me"). To which Affleck's team noted: "Raya has confirmed that [Affleck] has not been an active member for several years."

We're likely to find out more about where Hernan and McDonald stand at the reunion show, which filmed on April 24 and will air on May 6.