'Selling Sunset' Season 5: Everything We Know

Don't leave us hanging, Netflix!

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So we've got bad news and good news. The good news: Selling Sunset season 5 might hit Netflix sooner than you might expect. The bad news: We have no idea when that might be, and after the cliffhanger ending of season 4—is Christine leaving? How will the staff of the Oppenheim Group react to Chrishell and Jason's romance?—we need answers. That said, the majority of season 5 of Selling Sunset has already been filmed (more on that in a minute), so we can expect it to be ready to hit our screens in the next few months. The big question, then, is how long Netflix will keep us waiting for the show's fifth season.

Here's everything we know about the fifth season of Selling Sunset, from tidbits the cast has let slip to production schedules.

Has 'Selling Sunset' been renewed for a fifth season?

Yes! Netflix actually renewed the mega-popular docusoap for multiple seasons, announcing seasons 4 and 5 last March. It appears that the show filmed both seasons back to back, since cast members have shared sneak peeks and outfit pics for the upcoming season. Chrishell Stause even confirmed in an Instagram comment that production has already wrapped on Season 5.

Filming two seasons at once seems to be a common practice for the show. Seasons 2 and 3 were also filmed concurrently, and Netflix was able to drop one batch of episodes in May and the next in August. If the streamer follows a similar timeframe for season 5, new episodes could be out as soon as spring 2022.

"There won't be such a long wait between seasons 4 and 5, like there was between 3 and 4," Chrishell noted in an interview with ELLE. Meanwhile, Mary teased: "We have season five coming out probably in March."

What could 'Selling Sunset' season 5 be about?

Lucky for us, Selling Sunset included a surprise teaser for season 5 at the end of the season 4 finale. The clip, which starts with some stunning shots of Greece, is all about the office's response to Chrishell and Jason Oppenheim's relationship reveal. The couple went public in an Instagram post on that same group trip to Greece, while will be a huge part of the new season. 

Per the teaser, we'll see the cast gossiping at the Oppenheim office, a conversation between Chrishell and Mary Fitzgerald (who previously dated Jason), and Chrishell telling someone, "We're not criminals. We're not doing anything wrong." The clip ends with Chrishell and Jason sharing a kiss at a group dinner.

As for other storylines, we'll likely see the drama between Christine Quinn and newcomer Emma Hernan continue, as both Hernan and Vanessa Villela will continue on as cast members. (So, no, Christine isn't going anywhere!) We'll also likely see the lead-up to Heather Rae Young's wedding to HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, though the wedding itself won't be included. Instead it'll get its own HGTV and Discovery+ special, per Entertainment Tonight.

What have the cast and crew said about 'Selling Sunset' season 5?

Multiple cast members have confirmed that season 5 has mostly finished production. In an appearance on the talk show Lorraine, Fitzgerald said: "We're done filming. We have a couple of pick-ups when we get back, and a couple of interviews still to do. But for the most part, season five's done filming, and it will be very, very good."

She also gave a hint at the new season's level of drama. "Season four I think was very like… a lot was going on and just shocking and great and dramatic, and season five's gonna be the same," she said.

Jason Oppenheim opened up to Us Weekly about him and Chrishell, saying that they fell in love after becoming close friends. He also teased the cast's reactions, saying, "Overall, everyone was really supportive." 

"I think [Chrishell and I are] pretty open and pretty honest about our relationship and where we are and the things that we’re talking about,” he told the outlet. "When we’re together on camera and off camera, it’s easy for us to just be open and honest, because I think there’s a lot of trust there."

Chrishell told ELLE of their relationship: "We became best friends and no matter what happens in the future, whether that's aligned or not, I think that we'll always have that friendship. That's what felt safe about sharing it with people, because I didn't have that fear, because this is real life...Once I got to a place where I just knew that that love was unshakable for the other person, and the respect was there, I'm able to live my life in real time with people without the fear of, “Everything has to go perfect or it could be disastrous.” Because as we get older, these are real life things that we deal with."

Christine Quinn also directly addressed her place on the show on social media last month, after fans speculated that she had left the cast, since she wasn't included in group pictures.

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