Are Gyu-ri and Min-kyu Still Together After 'Single's Inferno' Season 3?

The model and the rescue diver were a controversial couple of the season.

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Spoilers for Single's Inferno season 3 finale ahead. After four weeks of hard challenges, love triangles, and heartfelt confessions, season 3 of Netflix's reality hit Single's Inferno ended with four couples leaving the show hand in hand. Kim Gyu-ri and Park Min-kyu were one of the pairs who found each other after exploring their connections with other cast members, but they still managed to spend plenty of time getting to know each other during a week in Inferno and two Paradise dates. Now that the finale has aired, fans are wondering whether the pair decided to bring their a relationship into the real world.

What are Gyu-ri and Min-kyu's ages and jobs?

Gyu-ri and Min-kyu appear to come from two very different worlds considering their career paths. Gyu-ri, 28, works as a fashion and beauty model, and (like many of the Single's Inferno cast members), she was a runner-up for Miss Korea 2022. Meanwhile, 34-year-old Min-kyu is a police officer and rescue diver on the Korean Coast Guard's Sea Special Rescue Team, who used to swim competitively.

What happened between Gyu-ri and Min-kyu on 'Single's Inferno' 3?

Min-kyu and Gyu-ri were on separate Infernos at the start of the show, but they met when Min-kyu switched islands after his night-one Paradise date with office worker Ha-jeong. Min-kyu and Gyu-ri quickly hit it off and chose each other for Paradise that same night, where they shared that they were both looking for a partner who motivated them to live life to the fullest. The hosts noticed that they both seemed relaxed with each other despite their packed date—where they swam in the pool and later slept in the same room in separate beds—and Min-kyu appeared to be smitten with Gyu-ri from that night onwards. He instinctively held her hand when she seems scared on a helicopter ride, and she told the other female cast members that she enjoyed their date more than expected.

However, Gyu-ri was also interested in model Min-woo, with whom she chose to go to Paradise with on night one in Inferno. (But he didn't choose her back, so no date.) After she won "Catch the Tail," she chose him for a Paradise yacht date. By the end of that date, Gyu-ri was calling Min-woo cute and they ended the night with pillow talk (from separate beds again). Meanwhile, Min-kyu spent his Paradise date commiserating with Si-eun, who was interested in Min-woo and was wondering what was happening on the other date. For the next challenge, Min-kyu won the chance to choose a Paradise date, but Gyu-ri told Min-woo that she would rather stay in Inferno with him. Still, ever-faithful Min-kyu chose Gyu-ri, and she made it clear during a confessional that she hadn't completely decided between the two men.

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Min-woo was torn between Si-eun and Gyu-ri for a while, but by the final two episodes, he realized he had stronger feelings for Si-eun. Min-woo lets Gyu-ri know ahead of the final decision, and she doesn't respond well; she tells him that it's not possible when Si-eun shows up near the end of the conversation to pull Min-woo away. (Yes, a bad look when it comes to dating-show etiquette but not worthy of online hate.) Later that night, Gyu-ri tells some other cast members that she knows she shouldn't "settle" for Min-kyu just because she and Min-woo didn't work out. Still, the next day (their last day before the final decision), Min-kyu lets her know that he always thought of her when he went to Paradise with someone else, and that if he had the choice, he would've rather stayed in Inferno those nights with her. Gyu-ri says in a confessional afterwards that she realizes Min-kyu is "dependable" and that he "always tries to keep his word."

On the final day, when Gyu-ri's called to wait at the exit of Inferno, Min-kyu chooses to leave with her. (He tells her that he "felt his heart flutter for the first time in a while" when they went to Paradise.) In response, she confirms that she chose him as well, and tells him, "I hope we get along well," before reaching for his hand to leave the island together.

Are Gyu-ri and Min-kyu still together?

It's currently unknown whether Gyu-ri and Min-kyu ended up dating after season 3. At the time of the show's airing, Gyu-ri follows Min-kyu as well as the rest of the cast on Instagram. But Min-kyu follows all of the cast except Gyu-ri. Gyu-ri did share a behind-the-scenes photo of the pair during filming, and she also said kind words about Min-kyu in a long message posted following the finale. Calling back to her confessional, she wrote that he is someone who "keeps his word."

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