Are Lydia and Milton Together Now After 'Love Is Blind'?

Did they make it down the aisle—or did the age gap get in the way?

Lydia Velez Gonzalez, Milton Johnson in episode 510 of Love is Blind
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When Love Is Blind season 5 starts, Lydia Velaz Gonzalez and James "Milton" Johnson IV first bond over rocks. The geologist and the petroleum engineer—who are early standouts of the reality phenomenon's latest installment—first hit it off due to their mutual interest in geology, as they get to know each other through a blue pod wall. While their path towards engagement is not entirely smooth, by the end of this season's first weekly drop, Lydia and Milton are one of three happily engaged couples. So, how do they end up together, and do they make it to the altar and beyond? Read on for what we know so far on whether Lydia and Milton are still together.

What happens between Lydia and Milton on 'Love is Blind' season 5?

While Milton seems immediately smitten with Lydia's ability to tell the difference between *checks notes* quartz and plagioclase, Lydia is more concerned about their differences. The Puerto Rico native is hesitant about their age gap, as the thought of marrying a 24-year-old competitive Pokémon player when you're 30 understandably gives her pause. In fact, at the start Lydia seems more interested in her connection with Izzy Zapata. However, Izzy turns her down to pursue other relationships near the end of episode 1, and the rejection leaves her in tears. In her next date with Milton, the engineer shows his mature side and listens to her explain her feelings post-Izzy, providing Lydia with a safe space as she opens up about her desire to be loved. He also tells her that she's his strongest connection, and that he admires her for freely sharing her emotions. The emotional moment changes Lydia's mind about their age gap and prompts Milton to open up more, about his strict upbringing and past health concerns. Before long, Lydia and Milton are each other's main focus in the pods.

In episode 4, the pair faces a potential snag when the truth comes out about Lydia and Uche's previous relationship. After Lydia confesses to Milton, he asks for a five-minute break to digest the news, and Lydia privately breaks down in tears out of fear that she'd lose him. Coming back, Milton asks for more information, and Lydia is upfront with the fact that she and Uche met in 2020, and that she decided to "move on" three months ago. Milton says he likely would’ve stopped speaking to Lydia if he knew the information earlier, and describes the situation as "messy," but Lydia reassures him that she only wants him. By the end of their conversation, they're able to laugh about the situation, and by the end of the episode, Milton is getting down on one knee.

Teasers for later in the season have shown that Lydia and Milton will have a lot more to overcome in the real world. In addition to clips of them on the Mexico trip, there are also teases of some loaded moments ahead when they get back to Houston. In one scene, as they were with Milton's family, his mother and sister share concerns of whether their relationship is real, and why a 30-year-old would want to marry a 24-year-old. Also, the Uche drama will come back up, as there's one moment where Lydia appears to yell at Uche, "You're arrogant!" We do know that Lydia and Milton will make it to the altar, as seen in the previews, so we'll just have to wait for more episodes to see how they get there.

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Milton and Lydia have quite a cute in-person reveal, with the biggest shock coming from Milton's height rather than any lack of attraction. Once they arrive in Mexico, the pair explore their strong physical connection (note to producers: no one needed to see them in the shower) while keeping up their flirty banter. Even though they each have their flaws (some of Milton's jokes about Lydia's English skills can be wild, while Lydia is quite bossy about having a say in one of Milton's outfits), they seem strong as ever once they arrive back in Houston and move in together. There are some awkward moments when Lydia visits Milton's apartment, including her finding his old Playboys and him admitting that he's banned from playing Pokemon Showdown in five different countries because he talks "too much s--t." However, his roommate avows that Milton talks about Lydia in a way he hasn't heard him speak about other girls, and later on the pair gets the approval of Lydia's mother, Lydia Sr.

Then comes the pod reunion party, where Uche shows up seeking to confront Lydia about why she was on the show. Earlier, when Uche and Aaliyah met in person, she revealed that she had heard that early on in the pods, Lydia had told someone she expected to run into someone from her past. Between that, and everything Uche alleges that Lydia did in their past relationship (including keeping tabs on his friends' Instagram stories), Uche is wondering whether Lydia came onto the show after finding out he would be there, and whether she intentionally sabotaged his and Aaliyah's relationship. Upon arriving at the party, Uche pulls Lydia for a conversation first, where he goes back over their past. As he begins accusing her, Lydia brings up his own actions from their relationship, and she reveals in a confessional that he slept with someone else while they were dating. The conversation ended with Lydia storming off, while yelling and calling Uche "arrogant." (I mean, was a lie told?) This isn't the end of the night though, as the preview for next week's episodes shows that Uche still plans to talk to Milton.

Lydia Velez Gonzalez, Milton Johnson in episode 506 of Love is Blind.

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When the two men are alone, Uche goes straight into laying out his argument against Lydia, saying that he was trying to be the "nice guy" with the whole situation but after learning how Lydia treated Aaliyah in the pods, he's changed his tune. Before Uche can really get into his past with Lydia, the woman in question comes over and starts to drag Milton away. However, after an offscreen conversation, Milton goes back to hear Uche out. Uche tells Milton that Lydia planned to be there with Uche so they'd get back together, but Milton responds that Uche and Lydia have "very different perceptions" about the whole thing, and brushes the pair's past relationship off similarly to the way he did in the pods. He compares the whole situation to "multidimensional calculus" and says they're on three different parallels. (It's been too long since high school calc for me to entirely get this.) Later that night, Lydia and Milton are calm as they rehash the drama, with Milton saying (again within the calculus analogy) that he's only focused on the bond that he and Lyddia have made, rather than any outside opinions of their relationship. He also adds that he's more level-headed than Lydia when it comes to handling conflict, and asks her to try to approach things the same way.

Then it's time for Lydia to meet Milton's family. Milton describes the household as "sink or swim," and his impressively intimidating mom Rita matches that vibe. His sister Jessica says their mom can find out Lydia's credit score before she leaves this house, and the elder responds with, "It's what I do," which is slightly terrifying. Lydia goes through her resume and says that Milton's everything she's asked for in a guy as he tries to uncork a bottle of wine with his teeth. Meanwhile, both Rita and Jessica are very scrutinizing. They ask why Lydia would want to date someone so much younger, followed by what Lydia likes least about Milton. All of Lydia's answers are great, but Milton's sister alludes that they seem scripted. (To be fair, Lydia has been filming a reality show and probably answers some version of the same questions daily.) Jessica calls the whole thing "phony," and she and Rita sit Lydia down for a private interrogation. Eventually, Rita seems to approve of Lydia, but Jessica still has doubts, saying that she's waiting for him to give her that "sureity." When the two siblings have lunch together on a later day, she brings up the same concerns and say that people think the engagement is fake (who are these people?). It also seems that she mostly has reservations because Milton didn't involve his family in making this major decision, but Milton responds that even if their mom or dad put his foot down, he'd still get married anyway.

Lydia and Milton have their final dinner date in a museum's rare mineral and gem gallery, and Milton's wearing a wrinkled T-shirt. Despite the romantic setting, the conversation turns to pet peeves, as Milton complains about Lydia waking up cranky and Lydia points out his messiness. As Lydia explains that she's worried whether he's going to take his habits that upset her seriously, he brings back up her response to Uche's confrontation. He admits that he doesn't feel like he can be honest with her at times and he's really careful of his words because she reacts to everything emotionally. However, while he didn't like how she handled the fight with Uche, she's proud of herself for standing up to him, and she doesn't want to be told that she just shouldn't have been upset at all. They're at an impasse with their different personalities and the argument keeps coming back around to the Uche fight, before Lydia has to leave the table for a minute and collect herself. Though she comes back, the pair still look tense as the episode ends.

Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Rita Johnson in episode 508 of Love is Blind.

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When Lydia and Milton arrive at the wedding venue, their argument from the final date is still on both of their minds. Milton, talking to his friends, explains that Lydia's heightened emotions is both her biggest strength and a weakness, while Lydia says that she's still confident that she wants to marry him, even after the rough conversation. "I will never stop being who I am and I hope today he realizes that I’m exactly what he needs," she says, echoing her wish that someone will truly love her for her.

The rest of their pre-wedding screen time is made up of Lydia having emotional conversations with her mother and loved ones, while Milton admits that he's arrived at the wedding after working an overnight shift and empties out his messy backpack to find a pencil to write his vows. His nerves to begin to get to him, but he settles them while speaking with his father, who offers some genuinely great relationship advice: "Learn to fight fair."

After they make their way up the aisle, they both share their emotional speeches. "I never had a doubt about you and I hope it continues to be like that forever," Milton says to conclude his profession of love. When asked if they say "I do," Lydia says yes and Milton...also says yes! They immediately kiss, with their friends and family switching from cheering to laughing as the officiant tells the pair that they're kissing too early. They finish the ceremony and leave the venue for an outdoor champagne toast. Later, after the cake-cutting and mid-reception, Lydia says she's looking forward to "the beginning of our forever."

Are Lydia and Milton still together?

Yes! The couple confirm at the reunion that they are still happily married almost a year and a half after the wedding was filmed in summer 2022. In a sweet vlog from the past year, Lydia and Milton reveal that they even flew to Puerto Rico for a second wedding with Lydia's family. They also share that Lydia's now very close with Milton's family, with Milton saying, "Lydia's made my parents so soft, so different from what we grew up with." As for their pet peeves, Milton still doesn't wash the dishes, but he has gotten better at picking his towels off the floor.

milton and lydia love is blind reunion

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