Are So-e and Se-jun Still Together After 'Single's Inferno' Season 2?

The future looks bright for the surprise couple.

so-e and se-jun in single's inferno season 2
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Spoilers for Single's Inferno Season 2 ahead. Lee So-e and Kim Se-jun's romance was one of the surprise twists of Single's Inferno's second season. So-e's arc was initially defined by her unrequited crush on stockbroker Yoong-jae, who admired her bravery but wasn't interested romantically. She was having a rough time in Inferno when Se-jun joined the show, but the latecomer immediately gravitated toward her and was able to lift her spirits. Now that the finale has arrived on Netflix, here's everything we know about the couple's fate after the show.

What are So-e and Se-jun's ages and jobs?

The pair's ages and occupations were revealed later in the show, since Se-jun was one of the last cast members to show up and So-e did not get to go to Paradise until he arrived. It turned out they both had very interesting careers with connections to the show. So-e is a university student and acting major, and she had already performed minor roles in the popular K-dramas Hellbound and Snowdrop before joining Single's Inferno 2. She also had a small part in a Netflix drama, as she played bullying victim So-hee in the revenge thriller The Glory.

Meanwhile, Se-jun works as a garment cutter at the men's clothing store Ascottage, which is owned by former Single's Inferno cast member Oh Jin-taek. Se-jun actually even appeared in Jin-taek's career montage in Season 1, though Se-jun was near unrecognizable due to his super-long hair. By the time he showed up at Inferno (in a suit), his hair had been cut.

are so-e and se-jun still together single's inferno

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What happened between So-e and Se-jun on 'Single's Inferno' 2?

From the moment tailor Se-jun arrived, it was clear that he would be a great person to cheer up actor So-e, who was discouraged from her feelings for Yoong-jae. Se-jun quickly gravitated toward her, after saying in an interview that he was looking for someone with a "bubbly personality." He later chose her to go to Paradise with him, and they looked comfortable even during the helicopter ride, with Se-jun giving So-e his jacket and holding her hand during the ride. After they had a fun time in Paradise together, Se-jun made it clear that So-e was the only woman he was interested in over the course of the rest of the show.

As for So-e, the university student said she was "grateful" for Se-jun as he became her knight in shining armor. During a heart-to-heart in the penultimate episode, he told her that he understood that she had a hard time before he got there, and that he would be happy as long as she was happy. 

It was no surprise when Se-jun went straight to So-e during the final ceremony. Before she made her decision, he told her her, "You’re always on my mind, and I feel rather nervous when you’re not around. I chose you because I couldn’t deny that I have feelings for you." So-e responded that she was “very discouraged and exhausted” before he came, adding, "I’m so thankful that you rescued me from that." Then she took his hand, and they became the first couple to leave Inferno this season.

Are So-e and Se-jun still together?

So-e and Se-jun looked very comfortable as they left Inferno, with the pair even joking and discussing plans for the return to real life, but did they stay more than friends after filming? Luckily for Instagram snoops, the duo interact quite a bit on Instagram, leaving cute comments on each other's posts. So-e has also made two appearances on Se-jun's Instagram: one series of selfies and another snap showing that the actress did make the trip to visit him at Ascottage.

However, there's also a chance that the pair may have had to end their romantic relationship and stay friends because of So-e's work. The rookie actress has recently signed with the agency Saram Entertainment (she's now colleagues with Squid Game's Jung Ho-yeon and Girls' Generation's Sooyoung, among other actors) and it could be difficult for her to maintain both her relationship and her burgeoning career. Either way, hopefully the future's bright for both So-e and Se-jun.

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