'The Glory' Season 1 Part 2: When Will It Return?

Watch the new trailer before the revenge K-drama returns this March.

the glory season 1 part 2
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Korean cinema fans know that tales of revenge can make the most brutal thrillers, and a new Netflix K-drama is bringing the intrigue to the small screen. Written by Guardian: The Great and Lonely God scribe Kim Eun-sook and directed by Ahn Gil-ho, The Glory follows a woman's decades-long mission to seek revenge on her high school bullies, who left her with severe physical and mental scars. Decades later, Dong-eun (Song) begins her meticulous plan to unravel each of the bullies' lives, after becoming the homeroom teacher for the daughter of unrepentant ringleader Yeo-jin (Im Ji-yeon).

The Glory is a must-watch for K-drama fans, but it won't be a standard 16-episode binge. Instead, Netflix has split the season into two parts, releasing the first eight episodes on December 30, 2022. Now that thousands of viewers have already sped through the first drop—with the show logging 25.41 million hours watched in the first weekend alone—read on for what we know about when to expect the next eight episodes.

When does Part 2 of 'The Glory' premiere?

Though many K-drama fans would have loved to binge the excellent series all the way through (myself included), Netflix has instead broken The Glory up into two parts, à la Stranger Things season 4 and other recent releases. They made a similar decision for the Korean remake of Money Heist, dropping the first six episodes in June 2022 and the rest... six months ago, when many viewers had pretty much forgotten about it. Luckily the streamer isn't repeating that tactic with The Glory, which is returning much sooner!

Netflix has now confirmed that The Glory is set to premiere its final eight episodes on March 10, less than two months away. The streamer also released some first-look photos from the drop.

In a press release announcing the news, writer Kim Eun-sook called Part 2 "refreshingly satisfying and shockingly intense." Director An Gil-ho added, "The fight between Dong-eun and Yeon-jin really takes off and the perpetrators dynamically meet their end. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the screen. All elements of the story will now come full circle."

Is there a trailer for 'The Glory' Part 2?

Yes! Netflix has dropped the official teaser for the new season, and the clip starts out with a face-to-face meeting between Dong-eun and Yeon-jin. Yeon-jin chuckles as she says, "Forgiveness? Who should forgive who? I didn't do anything wrong." Dong-eun (and probably everyone watching the clip), responds, "Nothing wrong? Really?" She continues, "What should I do with you?"

The next few flashes show the next phases of Dong-eun's plan, as well as a peek at a flashback that may answer some questions. We see Yeon-jin knock on Hyun-nam's car door (Leave her alone!), someone dropping a bag full of cash onto a table, a car crash, and a fire. There's also a shot of a bloody Myeong-ho, meaning we'll finally find out whether Yeon-jin killed him.

For anyone thinking that teaser was too vague, Netflix has also released an intense official trailer. In addition to deeper looks at the meeting between Dong-eun and Yeon-jin, the two-minute clip also shows how Yeon-jin's husband Do-Yeong (Jung Sung-il) gets sucked into the revenge plot. We see him react in horror as Dong-eun takes off her coat during a formal event, revealing her scars left from the torturous bullying, and later he screams at his wife, "What did you end up protecting?" Basically, we need it to be March 10 NOW!

Netflix previously released a trailer with the first clips from Part 2, in a two-minute clip where Dong-eun narrates her "last letter" to Yeon-jin. As the vengeful hero speaks in voiceover about the wild sword dance she plans to perform, quick scenes tease upcoming storylines, including Yeo-jung (Lee Do-hyun) crying in a car and a severely beaten Hyun-nam (Yeom Hye-ran) behind bars. Dong-eun also screams at someone offscreen to "Stop laughing like that."

"Dear Yeon Jin, whom I’ve wanted to kill, this is my last letter to you," says Dong-eun as the trailer ends.

What could happen in 'The Glory' Part 2?

Over the first eight episodes, Dong-eun planted seeds of discord in each of her former bullies' lives. She's blackmailed both Sa-ra and Hye-jeong with dirt that would blow up their career and upcoming wedding, respectively. Jae-joon know knows that he's the biological father of Ha Ye-sol, and he aims to get custody of her by breaking up Yeon-jin and Do-young's marriage. In addition to all that, Myeong-oh is still missing; now that he's been reported missing, his shady dealings with Sa-ra and Jae-joon may bring the threesome down.

Meanwhile, Dong-eun has set up a team to help her with the rest of her revenge, between naturally-skilled spy Hyun-nam and sworn executioner Yeo-jung. Do-young may even come to her side, after learning that his wife was a vicious bully that has cheated on him throughout their marriage. In the cliffhanger meeting between him and Dong-eun, she reveals that he's an integral part of her plan to fully destroy Yeon-jin.

In pure melodrama fashion, all that isn't even the end of the tangled web of The Glory. We've mostly learned Yeo-jung's backstory, but we still don't know whether the charming surgeon will ever heal from his rage over his father's murder. Instead, he seems to be channeling his wish for vengeance into helping Dong-eun, which could end with both of them losing their souls to their mission. We also don't know what'll happen to Hyun-nam, who risks losing her daughter if Dong-eun follows through on their bargain and kills her abusive husband for her. There's also the mystery of Yoon So-hee, the bullies' other former victim who died before they began bullying Dong-eun. If Yeon-jin really did kill her, and then killed Myeong-oh when he threatened to expose her, then Dong-eun's plot is likely going to end with a high body count and some devastating deaths.

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