Who is Iyanna From 'Love is Blind' Season 2?

Get to know the 27-year-old looking for love.

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Clear your schedule—because five hours of your weekend are now devoted to your couch. The second season of the Netflix hit Love is Blind premiered on February 11, with five new episodes showing the beginning of several love stories. With a locale change to Chicago, the reality hit features a range of contestants looking to date in the show's famous pods, find lov,e and get married within a month. 

One of the youngest participants, Iyanna, stands out for her hilariously candid testimonials and her inspiring life story. Here's what we know about her.

She grew up in Georgia, and works with aspiring families.

Iyanna McNeely, 27, is a program coordinator who grew up in Georgia and now lives in Chicago. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in psychology, and she works for an organization that helps connect couples with gestational surrogates.

In her bio, when asked what her significant other should know about her, she says, “An aspect about me that could be annoying would be my goofiness. Some people think it’s childish. I don’t think so.” Her goofiness especially comes through in her testimonials, like one point where she imagines the "awesome story" she'd tell her kids of how she met their dad.

"I met your dad in a social experiment where I was dating 14 other guys," she says, adding in a high-pitched voice, "I'm sorry, what, Mom?"

Her Instagram is full of pics with her friends.

Iyanna describes herself in her Instagram bio as "Exceptionally adaptable. Amazingly introverted. Painfully amazing." Though she admits to being a homebody on the show, many of her Instagram photos show her having fun with friends in Chicago and in Providence, Rhode Island, where she used to live.

She was adopted by her grandparents.

On the show, Iyanna reveals that she grew up as an only child with a complicated childhood. After living with her mother and her aunt, she was kicked out of the house when she was 18 and later adopted by her godparents when she was 22. “I had so many odds against me. I should not be this okay," she says.

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