Here's Who's Paying for Meghan Markle's $28,000+ Royal Wardrobe

NONE of it has been free.

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Meghan Markle is *thisclose* to being royal and she is 1000 percent dressing the part. Every look she has worn since moving to London as Prince Harry's fiancée has been perfect.

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But, high fashion comes at a high cost. Meghan's royal wardrobe (meaning just the items she's worn to her first nine royal events) has cost a whopping $28,688 so far.

So who, exactly, is paying for Meghan Markle's new high-end wardrobe? She is. As People reports, royals don't accept free designer clothes.

Until Meghan and Harry are officially married, she can't buy clothes using money from the fund Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry use for such purchases. The fund, which comes from Prince Charles, is valued at $4.8 million and is used to cover the costs of their public lives (it also funds things like salaries and office costs).

Of course, Meghan was a successful actress before she met Harry; she can afford to splurge on clothes in the meantime.

Money estimates that Meghan earned $50,000 per episode at the end of her run on Suits, and pegged her annual salary at around $450,000. Of course, Prince Harry is also free to contribute his own money for her wardrobe and he's valued at $25 million even by the most conservative estimates.

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