Kim Kardashian Wants You to Remember the Time She Wore a Completely See-Through Dress with an Open Trench Coat

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Kim Kardashian loves a good naked dress and, in case anyone could forget her pioneering efforts in the look, she posted a throwback to one of her most iconic and most naked dresses of all time. On Saturday, Kim shared a picture on Instagram that shows her strutting super casually around a parking lot in a 100 percent transparent dress with visible bikini underwear, no bra, and an open trench coat.

The result is WOW, even for Kim K.

Kim left the photo caption-less, because honestly, what is there to say?

Well, for those who don't remember, the reality star first wore this transparent dress in July 2017. Something must have made her nostalgic for the look. Lately, Kim has been hanging out in Wyoming with her family and her girls.

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