The Best Underwear for Every Occasion

Time to replenish your bikini brief stash.

Tyler Joe

Aside from that tattered—but beloved—college tee you sleep in every night, the second most-worn item(s) in your dresser is underwear. Unless you prefer to go commando, which, you do you, you probably have a panty collection that ranges from, "it's that time of the month" grey briefs to "it's our anniversary" lingerie. You need different underpinning styles depending on the occasion or outfit, right? Right.

Like with most everyday pieces in your wardrobe, your thong and brief stash needs to be replenished frequently (every six months to a year, to be precise). Now that you have an excuse to stock up, check out 2018's best styles, from the flirty to the plain and the luxe to the affordable. The options ahead are the crème de la crème of undergarments, organized by use case, so you can find exactly what you need.

Best Everyday Underwear

Best Underwear for Exercising

Best Underwear for Tricky Outfits

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