Gabrielle Union's New York & Company Fashion Line Sends Messages of Inclusivity and Positivity

The campaign features Union's friends, highlighting their diverse voices and stories.

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Gabrielle Union boasts an impressive resume as an actress, activist, and author. Her memoir, titled We're Going to Need More Wineis a collection of powerful essays exploring race (particularly about Union's childhood in primarily-white California suburbia), relationships, sex, beauty standards, and, of course, fame. Union also has an unrelated white wine called Vanilla Puddin'. Like many Hollywood celebrities, the multi-hyphenate star didn't stop at just one (or two) entrepreneurial project(s), Union also has a one-year-old fashion line in collaboration with New York & Company.

Her August collection, offers a variety of everyday essentials, from cozy knit dresses to party jumpsuits to, even, a piece inspired by her husband Dwyane Wade. Union reveals that she sometimes "steals" clothes from her husband's closet; one time it was "this kimono-type thing," which she happened to love and wanted to recreate for her fashion collection.

The fall campaign, called #AllTogetherNow, celebrates body diversity, friendship, and the intricate lives of women. It's deeply personal for Union, who shot the new collection with her BFFs Essence Atkins, Ajiona Alexus, and Valarie Pettiford. "I wanted to show how inspiring and empowering friendship can be between women and how far-reaching friendships can be," Union says in a phone interview—her voice confident and strong.

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During our chat, I could feel the warmth and seriousness of her message on female friendships and size inclusivity in fashion.

"We want inclusion in fashion, but what we deliver sometimes isn’t inclusive at all. I’d like to change that and let women see themselves more in campaigns to better serve our consumers. When you send a narrow scope of what a woman is supposed to look like in these clothes down the runways—for example, a size double zero—you’re telling women in a loud and clear voice 'not you, not ever you.' To me, that’s socially irresponsible and mean."

Union's line offers sizes ranging from XS to XXL, including petite and tall, to make sure the pieces are suitable for women of all sizes and shapes. If something is missing, whether it be a certain style or size, the star assures me that she will rework the next season's collection with customer suggestions.

If you're looking for a specific piece to buy from the August collection, Union made it easy for you by sharing her favorite item: a cropped sweatshirt that reads "Rule the World," in bold white letters. "I love that the phrase runs the length of the back and encourages you to spread out your arms wide. It says 'I’m open to succeed, I’m open to include, I’m open to dreaming things I never knew possible,'" Union says.

Shop her treasured choice, below, as well as a few pieces editors particularly love.

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Gabrielle Union "rule the world," sweater, $60 SHOP IT

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Gabrielle Union jumpsuit, $130 SHOP IT

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Gabrielle Union graphic tee, $35 SHOP IT

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Gabrielle Union blouse, $60 SHOP IT

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Gabrielle Union wide-leg pants, $80 SHOP IT


Gabrielle Union wearing a pink dress outside Hermes during Paris Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2018 Day Four on June 24, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

(Image credit: Christian Vierig)
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