Jordan Chiles Channeled Wonder Woman at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships

I'm obsessed.


If you didn't tune into the U.S. Gymnastics Championships on Sunday night, then you missed not only a performance by Simone Biles, but also a viral feminist moment. Luckily, Twitter (and I) are here to catch you up: 17-year-old Jordan Chiles wore a Wonder Woman-inspired leotard while completing her gymnastics rotation. The 2017 U.S. all-around silver medalist paid tribute to the DC Comics character with a red, blue, and yellow one-piece that was bedazzled with rhinestones. To accompany the outfit, Chiles also performed a floor routine to Wonder Woman music.

Fans could not get enough of the bodysuit and shared comments like, "I love the creative liberties athletes have been taking with their leos lately. Looking at you, @ChilesJordan!" One person even admitted he doesn't follow gymnastics, but was taken with Chiles' outfit choice, writing, "I have never heard of her (because I don’t follow gymnastics) but Jordan Chiles wore a Wonder Woman themed leotard to an event and boy howdy is that freaking cool. The age we live in guys. The age we live in."

Chiles wasn't the only gymnast to stand out for her leotard. Simone Biles made a powerful statement in a teal one-piece—the color honors victims of sexual abuse—as she swept up the gold medals to become the first woman to have ever won five U.S. Gymnastics Championships all-around titles. (Biles herself is a survivor of the Larry Nassar scandal.)

Check out what people are saying about Chiles' Wonder Woman look, then read up on Biles' amazing win.

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