Here's the Perfect Winter Boot From Macy's Black Friday Preview Sale

It comes in four different colors.

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My Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping list is somewhat modest: wedding guest dress (2), running shoes, these earrings, and maybe a new designer wallet. I wanted to keep my list short and manageable, so I would stay on track and not splurge on something frivolous. But when my Slack channel at work notified me about pre-Black Friday deals and previews, I couldn't help, but well, look.

Macy's is amongst one of the retailers to launch an early sale special and given that I found my beloved Kenneth Cole Kam sneakers here on Black Friday a few years back, I decided to check out the shoe category for goodies. That's when I landed on a pair of faux shearling leather hiker boots from Indigo Road. They are glorious. And only $47. The boots look rugged, durable, and, most of all, comfortable thanks to a two-inch heel. It's the type of shoe that can get you across the snow-and-sleet covered streets in one piece.

Of course, I couldn't buy them without consulting a coworker, so I messaged Amanda Mitchell,'s fellow, and asked her if the boots were cute. Her reply? "I like the plaid ones." Right, plaid! I was so enamored by the black style, I forgot there were three other colors.

My pick:

Amanda's pick:

The black pair's perfect if you need an everyday winter boot to get you to and from work. They match with jeans, tights, leggings, and even sweats. The plaid ones are a bit trendier and stylish with the black faux shearling instead of white—they're a nice addition to your regular black ankle boots. While we gravitated towards different colors for the hiker boot, we're both obsessed with the style. I guess I now kind of have to add this to my Black Friday shopping list.

Shop more boots from Macy's preview sale:

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