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The Item I Wear to Death: Kenneth Cole's "Kam" Sneakers

They're a little beat up, but I still love them.

Marina Liao

Every week, our editors will be sharing "the one item they wear to death," whether it be a basic white tee or a super-trendy jumpsuit. Prepare yourself (and your credit card) for some guilt-free shopping.

Everyone has that wardrobe staple they just love—that one black wrap dress or lace-up brown sandal they wear at least two, er, three times a week, secretly hoping the coworker in the next cube won't notice. (She won't!) For me, that beloved piece is a pair of Kenneth Cole "Kam" sneakers.

My once-white kicks are now coated with a light layer of New York City grime, because that's how much I wear them. (How much, you ask? If I'm being honest, usually five out of the seven days, give or take). They've officially replaced my summer mules, flats, and wedge espadrilles. Truly, I rarely need a different pair of shoes: I reach for them when I'm trying to get dressed quickly for work or when I'm attempting to pack light for a night at my boyfriend's apartment. They match with virtually everything in my closet, from printed slip dresses to winter sweaters, making them a no-brainer.

My love affair with this shoe started two years ago, when I came across paparazzi photos of Kendall Jenner in the Kam style (evidence, below) and subsequently received a press release (perks of working in fashion) on where to get them.

Getty Images

For months, I had been on the hunt for low-top white sneakers and these cute, affordable ones (I bought mine on sale for $75) finally concluded the search. I must admit, the fact a celebrity like Jenner owned the inexpensive Kam sneakers had little to no effect made me covet them too. Once the UPS guy delivered them to my door, I slipped them on my feet and never looked back.

Here I am wearing them on the first day of my new job at Marie Claire (!!). The photo is a little blurry because I was trying to get a quick snap before my coworkers caught me in action.

Marina Liao

I've worn the sneakers to a rooftop bar in Brooklyn for post-work drinks with a friend. They matched effortlessly with my blue striped dress and cropped denim jacket.

Marina Liao

This is me asking my boyfriend (not pictured: him sighing) to take a photo of me in my cute work outfit. Luckily, our office allows for this casual look. But, you can count on me packing this exact jumpsuit and the Kam sneaks for my upcoming vacation, too.

Marina Liao

So yes, I have really worn these white sneakers to death. In fact, I am now on my third pair! My first were worn down to the soles (I blame the city streets), and the second pair? Well, my sister "borrowed" them for the club and never returned. The Kam really is that comfortable and magical.

In case I've convinced you to get a pair for yourself...


Kenneth Cole "Kam" sneaker, $125 SHOP IT

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