These 'Human-Skin' Heels Will Make You Appear Barefoot In Public

For the low, low price of $10,000!

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We've got a new candidate for today's contender for "How Far Would You Go For Fashion"—"Human-Skin Heels." Before you go thinking that Buffalo Bill has opened a shoe company, it's a lot less morbid than you think.

When Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran of Montreal-based fashion brand Fecal Matter had a digitally altered pair of human foot-like shoes that were featured in Voguethe world pretty much freaked out. Fecal Mattter (yes, that's actually the brand name) is known for their out-of-this-world visuals of aliens on the streets, but in this case, the "human foot heels" were actually were prosthetics that were "petrified" into an en pointe position using Photoshop, per INSIDER.

Yet what was once Photoshop soon became real life. After being asked about how the shoes were made and having to cop to the Photoshop, the brand responded with releasing the "Skin Heels," a real-life thigh-high silicon version of the shoe created by artist Sarah Sitkin, and features moles, little hairs, and uneven skin tones to close resemble resembling company co-founder Dalton's actual leg. Are you screaming yet? I know I am. This might be a case of "good for you, not for me," because anyone with the chutzpah to pull these off in public should get some credit.

The only caveat is that a pair of these "Skin Heels" might cost you an arm and a leg, because they run for about $10,000 for a pair. If you've always wanted to walk barefoot in public without making your feet dirty, maybe it's a worthwhile investment for you! Bhaskaran knows that $10k is an insane number to request of people, and the brand is working to create a cheaper and more accessible version of the heels, just in case you're feeling aspirational.

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