Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' Christmas Lunch Outfits Are Shoppable

As spotted by HELLO!, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' outfits have been IDed and are shoppable. Charlotte's wearing Little Alice London and Louis is wearing Amaia.

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As first spotted by HELLO!, we got glimpses of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis en route to Christmas Lunch with the Queen (great-granny!) this week. Well, now we know what they were wearing—and both are shoppable and not too pricey! 

Luckily, both are also still available in certain sizes, although if you want them, move quickly. The Duchess effect totally extends to their kids, and stuff sells out super-fast.

Charlotte's Little Alice Nutcracker Dress—that name! I die!—is £68 (a little less than $89): blue, green, red in the body, with a pretty little velvet collar.

This actually isn't the first time that Charlotte's worn Little Alice; her Periwinkle Dress sold out pretty quickly after she wore it in 2018.

Louis' Amaia Parsnip Fairisle Jumper is £50 (a little over $65) is a pretty forest green with the classic pattern in white. He twinned with his sister in a little Peter Pan collar—also, I love that they try to match the kids' outfits.

Considering that George and Charlotte may make their debut on the Christmas Day "walk" to Sandringham, we might get more darling outfits to come!

Here's as close up as we can get to the outfits Charlotte and Louis wore on the drive to and from Buckingham Palace (also their cross, befuddled faces make me melt):

Royal Family Attend Christmas Lunch At Buckingham Palace

(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

Royal Family Attend Christmas Lunch At Buckingham Palace

(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

So darling.

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