What I Wear on Repeat: Joah Brown Empire Joggers

They're so good, I own two pairs.

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In our biweekly series, editors share the item they wear on repeat, whether it be a basic white tee or a super-trendy jumpsuit. Prepare yourself (and your credit card) for some guilt-free shopping.


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Let me confess something shocking: I was never a sweatpants girl. Even in college, where casual attire is appropriate, I would pull on a pair of jeans (or leggings if I was feeling particularly lazy) and trek in them to my early morning classes. Certain qualities of sweatpants always struck me as somewhat sad: oversized, shapeless, and definitely not the item of clothing I wanted to wear in front of a crush.

Then came a pandemic and quarantine. I took a look in my closet and realized that all the "comfortable" clothes I owned were either not that comfortable or really, really unsexy. Feeling my despair, Instagram suddenly started showing me ads for a new brand: Joah Brown. Suddenly, sweatpants were on my radar, paired with tiny cropped shirts and revealing bralettes. If I hadn't been stranded at my parents house with only a carry-on suitcase's worth of clothing, I probably would have continued scrolling along. But seeing as how my outfit options were extremely limited, I decided to splurge on a pair of Joah Brown sweats.

To say that my stance on sweatpants has changed would be a vast understatement. Not only are my Joah Brown bottoms the coziest item in my closet, but they are so much more versatile than I could ever imagine. I pair them with a hoodie for maximum comfort or a cropped shirt that makes me, personally, feel like an adult. I wear these everywhere, in the apartment or styled with a face mask when I'm outdoors. Six months after I fell hard for that Insta ad, I bought a second pair of Joah Brown sweats. I now have a black pair in size extra small/small and another in charcoal in small/medium for when I want that looser fit. I acknowledge that these are pretty pricey sweatpants. On the other hand, given that I wear them every day, the cost per wear is near zero. Joah Brown makes the bottoms in a bunch of different colors, so I know it's only a matter of time before I add a third pair to my collection.

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Tatjana Freund

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