New Year's in Tulum

What better way to rejuvenate for 2011 than with a yoga retreat to Mexico?

New Year's always ends up stressing me out because there's all this pressure to do something crazy and fun. So this year, after years of chasing the party, my friends and I decided to do something a little more low-key and stay at the yoga hotel Maya Tulum in Tulum, Mexico.

The idea was to be super-healthy, do tons of yoga, and come back to New York refreshed and rejuvenated. Well, I got the relaxation part down … so much so that I never ended up even doing yoga! Oh well. I still had a blast checking out cute local spots like Hemmingway's and Posada Margarita (a cute Italian restaurant right down the beach from our hotel), swimming in the water, trying on cute, eco outfits, and reading beachside. All in all, a much-needed vacation.

Maya Tulum. All the cute eco hotels are along this strip of beach, and Maya Tulum is probably the biggest and most well-known. I liked it because it was close to everything, super chill, yet we had amenities such as fans, fresh water, and a restaurant which some of the more rustic hotel options lack.

Me outside our room! I'm wearing a Daughter's of the Revolution dress with a JadeTribe bag, two of my fave ethical lines!

My friend Annie Berkery and me, chilling at Hemmingway's. I bought those pants at the Maya Tulum boutique.

The beach! So beautiful!

Annie with her FEED bag.