What I'm Loving: Westward Leaning Philanthropically-Minded Sunglasses!

Seen on celebs like Kate Bosworth and Emily Blunt, Westward Leaning sunglasses benefit charities affiliated with major historical moments.

What's not to love about San Francisco based, California-made Westward Leaning sunglasses? First, there's the one-size-flatters-all Wayfarer shape and the cool-star crowd (Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) who wear them. But what really makes the eyewear brand an it-label is its charitable spirit! Each style pays homage to an important social movement in history and donates proceeds to an affiliated charity.

That tiny square on the side of the frame's arm references the charity the shades benefit. For example, the beaded version (which I'm also seen wearing) called "Love Thy Neighbor" gives proceeds to a foundation of the same name. This pair is supposed to celebrate the cultural contributions of Mexican immigrants in America and (with its donation) help end the drug wars and violence in Mexico.

"Orange Revolution," an new style, comes in three different shade varieties. Named for the 2004 uprising in Ukraine, proceeds go to education programs in the country.

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