Maison Kitsuné Debuts Spring 2014 Collection With Adorable GifGuide

A peek at Maison Kitsuné's Spring 2014 collection by way of gifs.

Maison Kitsuné's Spring 2014 collection reinterprets the "New Wave" style of the 1990s with a Parisian street style twist -- and what better way to preview the new line than through gifs.

Created by fashion filmmaker, Loïc Prigent, the playful gifs below comprise an "Etiquette GifGuide" for the brand's new collection. Prigent has created documentaries with top designers including Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld, and recently joined forces with Maison Kitsuné to work closely on the brand's creative projects.

Speaking of the new collection, Maison Kitsuné co-founder Masaya Kuroki exclusively told, "This 'New Wave' collection is inspired by the 1990s and explores the boundaries of femininity. With bold silhouettes, playful stripes and refined materials, the looks are both timeless and trendy – with a signature Parisian twist." Et voilá!

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