The Very Best Underwear for Women

According to the people who wear them.

Studio shot of unrecognizable women posing against a grey background in underwear
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Underwear—everyone has it, but when was the last time you built out your collection in an intentional way? It's probably been a long time. Thus, I’ve broken down the best underwear for women by category and selected one must-buy item from each one. Consider this the perfect starting point to building out your ultimate collection. 

What to Look For

This might sound reductive, but your underwear drawer should have a few pairs for every occasion, similar to how you have a variety of bras ranging from sports bras right down to the lacy versions from a lingerie brand that you don’t wear as often. 

You’ll of course have those cotton pairs that you rely on for day-to-day wear, but it’s always nice to have a few more special-occasion-ready items like satin or silk pairs on hand that match with your favorite bras. Seamless underwear is also key for wearing under all of your sheer pieces or with leggings without panty lines. And we can’t forget about having a shapewear option on hand if you so need.

Because shopping for underwear can feel daunting—there are so many options!—I broke down the 13 types of underwear you actually need. Some of the ones on this list have been tried and tested by Marie Claire editors; the ones we haven’t tested come backed up by hundreds of glowing reviews. Plus, we finally broke down the difference between hipster underwear and bikini underwear, a question which has plagued me for years. 

The Best Pairs of Underwear

Julia Marzovilla