Fashion Test Drive: Celine's Teen Besace Bag

Our Style Director takes Celine's new bag out for a spin.

Celine Teen Besace bag
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We love discovering the most covetable pieces for the upcoming season. And to help you determine if you should go ahead and indulge, we've gone one step further and taken them for a Test Drive. Let's get you acquainted with CELINE's Teen Besace bag.

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Founded in Paris in 1945, Celine was originally a made-to-measure shoe shop for children. In the 1960s, the house's originators, Céline and Richard Vipiana, pivoted to sell leather goods and womenswear, creating the distinctive Triomphe logo of interlocking Cs we've come to associate with the brand today (inspired by the Arc de Triomphe). Now at the helm, Creative Director Hedi Slimane often developes collections that are a quiet nod to the past. His homages to the French fashion house's heritage are distinct in the Teen Besace bag, particularly the centerpiece of the bag: the Triomphe logo closure. 

Lucky enough to take the Teen Besace—a handbag that feels almost like a relic from the house's archives—for a spin, here, we evaluate the modern interpretation of a vintage style.

CELINE Teen Besace Bag

Tory Burch dress.

(Image credit: Taylor Sutton)

The Functionality

The elongated single adjustable strap is ideal for someone like me—who often has a dog leash in one hand and a phone in the other. The strap allows for a maximum drop of 20 inches, with 15 as its minimum. You can wear it over your shoulder or slung crossbody style. The Besace is super lightweight, so you can even carry it under your arm if you're looking for a bag that translates to evening wear. 

While the interior is not super roomy—the measurements clock in at 7 x 6 x 2 inches—you can still easily fit a phone (a must for me; I have the iPhone 11) alongside a few other essentials, like your keys, cards, and a pair of petite sunglasses. There are three pocket compartments to organize your belongings and a zipped pocket for precious items.

Opening and closing the bag requires a simple squeeze of the hardware and no zipper—which I love for easy access. But, you can still have confidence that your goods are secure in this bag, as it locks closed.

Celine Teen Besace bag

Tory Burch dress.

(Image credit: Taylor Sutton)

The Construction

With a price tag of $3,650, the Teen Besace is an investment buy. If you're looking to commit to one, know that the Besace is crafted from durable calfskin with a lambskin lining, making it an everyday bag that won't fall prey to the wear and tear of other precious bags that might be reserved only for special occasions. The metallic Triomphe closure may need some polishing now and then, but for a bag you can run around town in, it won't require a ton of upkeep. 

Teen Besace bag

Tory Burch dress.

(Image credit: Taylor Sutton)

The Exterior

I'm a big fan of minimalist bags with simple, sleek exteriors, and this bag—with its rounded body and unfussy top flap closure—checks those boxes. The signature Triomphe logo (a symbol from the house's archives) adds a vintage quality. Without knowing better, the Teen Besace looks like it could be your chic, socialite grandmother's purse or a fantastic Parisian vintage store find.

This bag is an all-season purchase, available in four colorways: black, carmin (pictured), safari, or black lizard. The carmin color is particularly great for transitioning from summer to fall.

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