We See You Ignoring Your Eye Health—Let's Change That

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Summer Prescription Sunglasses from VSP Vision
(Image credit: @mariaaamarzullo; @aileciajones; @ayzia_; @dannaed_; @ellamiller; Original Illustration by Makena Frederick)

If there's one area of my health that I wrongfully neglect, it's my eyes. With all the time I spend looking at screens, I'm long overdue for my annual eye exam, but Healthy Vision Month has inspired me to book my appointment. Many people believe you only need to visit the eye doctor if you wear contacts or glasses, but VSP Vision Care wants to change that perception. The eyes are truly the window to your health, and an annual eye exam can detect a lot of underlying health conditions before you have symptoms. VSP Vision Care's network of over 41,000 eye doctors allows members to find one that works for them—plus, they get access to tons of editor-favorite eyewear brands, including Longchamp, DKNY, and Anne Klein, for prescription and non-prescription frames and sunglasses.

To showcase VSP Vision Care's assortment of eyewear and inspire you to book your exam, I tapped five of my favorite content creators to share their latest on-trend sunglasses (it is sun season, after all!) sourced through VSP Vision. Maria Marzullo, Ella Miller, Ayzia James-Ferro, Ailecia Jones, and Dannaed Garcia Otero all wear prescription glasses and know how important eye health is for their overall well-being. Sun protection is important year-round (UV damage accumulates throughout your lifetime, FYI), so keep scrolling to shop their go-to prescription sunglasses—and book your annual eye exam today.

Content Creator Maria Marzullo Wearing VSP Vision Frames

(Image credit: @mariaaamarzulla; Original Illustration by Makena Frederick)

"Not only is VSP Vision helping me book my annual eye exam, but it's enhancing my personal style with a designer collection of frames. I'm able to sport Longchamp sunglasses, a brand I think so highly of and never would have been able to wear without VSP Vision. What I look for in sunglass frames I also look for in my everyday style: statement and staple pieces. My sunglasses need to be reliable and high quality, and frames offered by VSP Vision are just that!" — Maria Marzullo, Content Creator

Content Creator Ella Miller Wearing VSP Vision Frames

(Image credit: @ellamiller; Original Illustration by Makena Frederick)

"I've been wearing glasses since 6th grade, and without my yearly eye exam, I wouldn't be the healthiest version of myself. Having the right prescription and the right shades to go with it makes my whole life so much more satisfying and fun. I usually go for a mix of classic, retro shades like the cat eyes from DKNY I'm wearing here. I think glasses are the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit and let your personal style shine while maintaining your vision health." — Ella Miller, Content Creator

Content Creator Ayzia James-Ferro Wearing Anne Klein Sunglasses

(Image credit: @ayzia_; Original Illustration by Makena Frederick)

"My Anne Klein frames I sourced through VSP Vision are light, feminine, and fun, which is the perfect reflection of my summer vibe. It's important that my sunglasses reflect my personal style because that's often the first thing others see when you interact. I usually go for a retro style whether it's a fun wayfarer, aviator, cat eye, or oval. I tend to think the retro shapes fit my face better and also go well with my bright, fun summer style." — Ayzia James-Ferro, Content Creator

Content Creator Ailecia Jones Wearing VSP Vision Frames

(Image credit: @aileciajones; Original Illustration by Makena Frederick)

"Annual eye exams aren't limited to those of us with less than stellar vision (myself included). They're for everyone! VSP Vision has thousands of eye doctors in its network, so it's convenient to find one close to you. And while you're at it, add these colorful frames to your list of prescription frames to get. Orange is a huge color trend this season, and I love that these glasses are stylish while protecting my eyes and supporting my vision." — Ailecia Jones, Content Creator

Content Creator Dannaed Garcia Wearing VSP Vision Frames

(Image credit: @dannaed_)

"To maintain the health of my eyes, I make sure to wear my sunglasses daily, so of course, they have to match my personal style. I love sunglasses that are chic and go with my everyday looks whether I'm dressing up or being casual. Going to the grocery store? I'm wearing my glasses! Taking photos for social media? You already know I'm wearing my sunglasses! Everyone should be checking their eyes annually, especially now that we spend a lot of time looking at screens and scrolling on our phones. Most importantly, even if you don't wear glasses or contacts, getting your eyes checked through VSP Vision can help detect other health conditions." — Dannaed Garcia Otero, Content Creator

Natalie Gray Herder

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