7 Boots From Nordstrom I'm Desperate to Take Home With Me

I tried on 18 pairs. These ones stood out.

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Buying shoes online has never been easy, but thanks to Who What Wear's associate fashion editor Sierra Mayhew, now it is. She zips around the stores of New York City trying on all the trending shoes to report on the comfort, fit, and style so you never have to make a return again.

Navigating the endless collection of boots at Nordstrom can be very time consuming, but the worst part for me has always been the sizing. I’ve often found myself ordering the incorrect size or finding that two pairs of boots from the same exact brand fit me completely differently. All of this changed when I started my series If the Shoe Fits, in which I try out different shoes for style and size and report back on my sizing recommendations.

Boots are a very difficult accessory for me because of how much space they take up in my small New York apartment. Last winter, my floors were flooded with boots, and this season, I’m capping myself at only one or two new pairs. That means the styles I choose need to do it all and be comfortable. From timeless classics to the latest trends, I’ve rounded up the boots I saw at Nordstrom that I think are actually worth investing in. You’re welcome.

PAIGE Frances Bootie

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Nothing exudes luxury quite like the woven leather texture that has put many of my favorite It bags on the map. I have a few pairs of shoes from Paige, and they tend to be my most-worn pairs because they're built for comfort.

Open Edit Rylan Zip Moto Bootie

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It's not often we see a footwear trend take over as quickly as the Miu Miu–inspired moto boots that I can't turn a corner in NYC without seeing. Open Edit did its own spin on the trend, and it's the perfect pair of boots to wear with jeans.

The Row Grunge Calfskin Riding Boot

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Owning a pair of The Row boots is a fashion person's biggest dream, so even slipping into this pair for a few moments felt like a treat. Flat riding boots have been all the rage as of late, and I'm loving them so much.

Staud Olga Croc Embossed Boot

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Here's another pair of riding boots for your consideration. I feel like whenever I wear brown croc shoes, I instantly get the fashion look that I'm after.

Totême The Rain Boot

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I recently was on a pretty serious hunt for a good pair of rain boots because I often find myself caught in the rain. Look good no matter the weather by choosing Toteme as your rain-boot brand of choice.

Tory Burch Double-T Croc Embossed Combat Boot

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I have an sixth sense when it comes to trend forecasting, and I'm telling you that combat boots will be the next to have a return. The best part of this news is a lot of people never stopped wearing theirs.

Veronica Beard Logan Pointed Toe Bootie

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It's been said that this shade of oxblood is going to replace our love for the color red quickly, so act on it now. These slightly wedged boots are the way to go.

And now, a few more styles that I've tried with my honest and sometimes-scathing reviews:

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The hippie inspiration continues with these platform boots that were absolute perfection. The quality of the leather was unmatched, and I'm still dreaming about them.

These boots are so good someone came up to me while I was checking them out in the mirror and asked about where to find them. I made sure to try these on because they're an absolute hit among our readers, and I fell in love.

I have a pair of snakeskin boots that I hold near and dear to my heart. I once thought that nothing could make me want to replace them, until I tried on these Schutz boots. The main reason for the change of heart is the fact that they are seriously so comfortable.

I think everyone should consider a pair of black knee-high boots right now. They'll quickly become your new best friend, going with you to everything from casual coffee runs to formal affairs. I was today years old when I found out this style comes in both suede and leather.

These shoes were like a disco ball for my feet. Everywhere I went in them, they sparkled from all angles. They're the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen. However, they were also the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn and would require a private driver. I'll keep dreaming about them, though.

These boots caught my eye the second I walked into the store, and I love everything about them. The reason they ended up on the list of shoes that I wouldn't buy is that while they are beautiful, so many other brands create similar shoes, and I'm not sure I could justify the hefty price point. I'll keep them on my wish list.

I love these shoes, but I was just slightly unimpressed with them from afar. If you love designer snow boots, this is your moment, but I like to know I'm wearing something that won't break my heart if it gets ruined.

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Sierra Mayhew
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