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How to Wear a Cape-Blazer to Every Event This Season

I'll be your cape for all seasons.

Scrolling through Instagram, it seems like everyone is wearing their jackets and blazers draped gently and elegantly over their shoulders. And most of the time, it's easy to wonder how they manage to keep it that way —Does it defy the laws of slippage? How is it staying up? What happens if you have to raise (or, you know, move) an arm?—but the look is to die for, so it makes sense that everyone is trying to make that off-the-shoulder-drape work. Thankfully, a solution exists: the cape-blazer.

We saw the cape-blazer—a style that manages to stay in place without restricting your arm motion—on the national stage courtesy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the 2019 State of the Union, and now, this current trend can make its way into your wardrobe. While we're still deciding if it's a cape-blazer, or a jacket-cape, or a blape, or a jape, or a modified poncho—here are some of great options to into your wardrobe.

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1 Wear It To Work
Zara zara.com

Yep, it's the same one Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez made famous—she rocked Zara at the State of the Union, and you can keep things professional in this cape-style jacket with pronounced shoulders.

2 Wear It To Your Wedding
Courtesy of Brands
Kisa kisaofficial.com

If you're looking to keep it casual yet chic at your courthouse wedding or rehearsal dinner, this versatile cape-blazer is perfect for you. Wear it over a dress, or pair it with a pair of slacks and a fitted top, and you'll be wedding-ready and fashionable on your big day. 

3 Wear It To Date Night
Courtesy of Brands
Missguided missguidedus.com

This cape-blazer comes in a big, bold print, and is sexy enough to keep the attention on you all night long. It can be dressed up for dinner and drinks, or even better, paired with a pair of slouchy pants and a chic flat for movie night. (The cape definitely can double as a blanket.) 

4 Wear It To Brunch
Courtesy of Brands
Nasty Gal nastygal.com

Part superhero, part 9 to 5. Roll up to brunch in this double-breasted cape-jacket with wide lapels, and blow them all away with how chic you look. Eggs Benedict won't have anything on this tailored cape-blazer.

5 Wear It To A Summer Barbecue
Pretty Little Thing prettylittlething.us

It's bright yellow, and you'll steal the show at every summer shindig. Pair this cape-blazer with shorts and a tank or a breezy day dress, and you've got the perfect Saturday afternoon look. 

6 Wear It To A Spring Party
Missguided missguidedus.com

Going to an Easter bash, or a Memorial Day celebration? This cape-blazer can go effortlessly from day-to-night. It's longer than the others featured on this list, and its hook-and-eye feature means the eye is drawn to the waistline—pair this one with a floral crop top and a pair of jeans, and you're perfectly springtime casual.

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