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The 10 Best Bathrobes for Women, According to Our Editors

Design by Morgan McMullen

Name a better feeling than coming out from a long shower, rubbing lotion all over your body (moisturize, people!), and throwing on a comfy robe before heading to the couch for a Netflix binge? I'll wait. We take our bathrobes very seriously here at MarieClaire.com—so much that some of us have three different kinds, depending on the occasion. Not all robes are created equal (there are a lot of different styles out there), but we've invested in solid picks over the years that come highly-recommended for everyone to live their best faaahncy lives in.

Here, the bathrobes that will convince you to ditch the towel wraps and t-shirts, according to our editors.

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1 The Classic Robe
Nordstrom Lingerie

"I am all about the terrycloth robeand not just because it's the first thing I put on when it's cold or sometimes I end up wearing it all day (#WorkFromHomeGoals). It's also machine-washable and easy to clean. This Nordstrom Lingerie one has a sexy touch too." —Katherine J. Igoe, Morning News Editor

2 The Sexy Robe

"My favorite weekend activity before going out is putting on my silk grown-up robe, pouring myself a glass of wine, turning up my speakers, and sitting at my vanity to do my makeup—in that exact order. Few things in life make me happier than this 100-percent silk robe. It’s so cozy and chic that I wish I could go out in it sometimes (a lewk?!). To me, sexy robes scream fiercely independent...in the best way." —Maya Allen, Beauty Editor

3 The Fancy Robe
Treasure & Bond Nordstrom

"If you had told me five years ago that the Best in Show character whom I would best identify with was John Michael Higgins’ flamboyant Shih Tzu owner, I would not have believed you. And yet, here we are...all because of the scene in which he’s deciding whether he should bring six or seven kimonos on a two-day trip. I…can’t help myself? 

"It all started a few years ago when I bought an Oscar de la Renta silk kimono, which sat in my closet for ages until I spent a few months as a freelancer and fished it out. It was winter and I was mostly staying at home, so I basically only wore that kimono and nothing else for, like, four months. Soon, I started buying more to supplement my non-wardrobe. Now I have six, I tend to bring at least two on any vacation, and I am thinking of acquiring a Shih Tzu. My latest and current fave is this long, red Treasure & Bond kimono that I wear over pajamas when I want to feel enigmatic." —Cady Drell, Senior Culture Editor 

4 The Fluffy Robe
Arabella Amazon

"This is my favorite robe to wear when it’s negative 10 degrees outside and my thermostat is deciding to be stubborn for the fourth time in a week. It’s the warmest, fluffiest robe I’ve ever owned, and it’s even kept its amazingly soft texture after a few times in the wash! Ten out of 10 would recommend if you’re looking for something cozy, durable, and affordable." —Morgan McMullen, Designer 

5 The Spa Robe

"I stole my favorite bathrobe from my 16-year-old brother when I was eight years old. I had it up until last year when I put it in the wash and it emerged as a bunch of tiny washcloths. In desperation, I searched high and low for the Tommy Hilfiger men’s bathrobe of my dreams, but slowly had to come to terms with the fact that the one I knew and loved for over 15 years didn’t exist anymore. 

It wasn’t until I was gifted this Super-Plush Robe from Brooklinen that I felt I found the robe of my childhood. It feels like you’re wrapping yourself in a fancy, expensive towel and I know I'll have it for the rest of my life." —Amanda Mitchell, Editorial Fellow 

6 The Blanket Robe
Barefoot Dreams

"I am what one would call a robe person. Robes and what they stand for (comfort, not having to get dressed right away) are high on my list of personal values. So any robe at all makes me happy. But this robe…? How much time do you have? If I am at home, you can bet I’m wearing it. If it were appropriate for people who aren’t little old ladies on the Upper West Side or Justin Bieber to wear robes in public, I would also wear this robe outside of my home. If I am buried in this robe, I will be happy for all eternity. 

How, you ask, could I possibly be so effusive about a bathrobe? Well, because it's the plushest, coziest, thickest robe in existence. It’s like wearing a blanket wrapped in a hug. The tag says 100 percent polyester, but I think it must have some teddy bear and magic fairy dust woven in there because it's just so damn comfortable. It’s luxe, long, and has a big shawl collar. Its wide-but-not-too-wide sleeves allow for maximum comfort and maximum efficiency, and wearing it makes me feel safe, warm, and happy." —Danielle McNally, Director of Features and Special Projects

7 The Hotel Robe
Snowe Home

"Picture this: You get out of the shower and wrap yourself in a honeycomb robe. You forget that you have plans. You scroll through Instagram, eat some leftover pizza, pour a glass of wine, maybe take a little nap. Does anything beat that feeling? No, and that’s why you need the perfect robe to do it in. Enter the Snowe honeycomb bathrobe, a perfect item in almost every way—except that your friends will be pretty mad when you do show up deeply relaxed...and 45 minutes late." —Jenny Hollander, Deputy Editor

8 The Lightweight Robe

"There’s nothing better than getting out of a shower and doing all of your secret single behavior (or, as I like to call it, SSB) in a comfy robe. This one by Natori feels like silky smooth greatness on your skin. It's extremely lightweight so you feel like you're naked when you're not. I finally had to retire this robe after a rogue pair of underwear turned all of my whites pink, but this is on my shopping list again. Wear it anytime starting in the spring through early fall." —Krystyna Chávez, Social Media Editor 

9 The Practical Robe
Michael Valdez
Serena & Lily

"I have four or five robes that I don't wear often, except for this one. The sleeves don't soak up water that might trickle up my arm when I wash my face, and it's light enough to wear in an overheated apartment in winter or on a humid summer morning." —Bridget Burns, Photo Editor 

10 The Nap Robe
Natori Nordstrom

"This robe gives me peak cozy girl vibes. I’m never not spilling coffee on it in the morning, but it’s so fluffy and warm and snuggly I’m never going to give it up. I call it my nap robe, which clearly means it’s a very important item of clothing." —M.A.


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