The Best Loose Pants for Work or Lounging Around In

Flattering—but comfy, too.

loose pants trousers
(Image credit: Getty Images/Christian Vierig)

Searching for an alternative pants option to tight jeans that aren't leggings or sweatpants? Loose pants are your answer. Our advice: Look for bottoms either in a culotte silhouette or a pair with wide legs that don't cling to your body. Ideally, these pants should flow as you walk or offer some sort of movement—and while these pants are "loose," that should still fit properly. I've found plenty of relaxed trousers that offer a non-suffocating fit, below, but still maintain that tailored and sophisticated form. Loose pants aren't made exclusively for play and lounging in, either; they can be styled as in-office or working from home ensembles as well. These days, we're all looking to feel dressed up without having to lose style or comfort. Try pairing any of these options with a tee, bodysuit, oversize sweater, blazer...whatever your heart desires!

Andrea Zendejas

Andrea Zendejas is the accessories editor for the Hearst Fashion Group, who loves all accessories, but especially jewelry.