8 Jumpsuits for Wedding Guests You'll Love

"Dressy" doesn't necessarily mean "dress."

(Image credit: Evening Standard)

Wedding season is in full bloom! Instead of your tried-and-true favorite dress, opt for a sexy and sleek jumpsuit (opens in new tab). While this all-in-one piece is largely associated with the '70s (think Halston and Studio 54), jumpsuits aren't specific (opens in new tab) to one era. Take Paul Poiret's pantaloon gown (opens in new tab) from the early 1900s, for example, or Pierre Cardin's intergalactic style (opens in new tab) from the '60s. The jumpsuit was always around, but it truly made its mark on fashion history in the '70s, when it transformed from a practical piece to a staple of disco glamour. And while a quick Pinterest search will make you inclined to run out and buy one, you'll want a formal jumpsuit that's a little less Rod Stewart and a little more appropriate for your friend's wedding. Shop some of our favorites below.

Katie Attardo

Katie Attardo is the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire, covering all things fashion and jewelry-related.