Jennifer Garner Perfects Dopamine Dressing in a Sunny Yellow Blouse

Her bright top instantly put a smile on my face.

Jennifer Garner in a yellow blouse and brown skirt
Jennifer Garner in a Jason Wu Collection Mustard Silk Chiffon Tie Blouse.
(Image credit: Getty Images)

There’s a reason why Jennifer Garner is known for her girl-next-door persona (Hello! Jenna Rink, anyone?). The feel-good movie starlet is an expert at adapting the everyday charm of her big screen characters to her dressing ideology. Garner has the craft of good taste down to a science. Recently, we have seen her on a press tour embracing the art form of perfecting strategic minimalism, the ultimate dress code for fall (nothing says classy like a pair of opaque tights with a matching skirt sweater set).  And now the business mogul (she’s the co-founder of an organic baby food empire) can add another expertise checkmark to her extensive resume: In a bright yellow blouse, Garner nailed the dopamine dressing trend.

Garner wore a chiffon blouse in a bright yellow hue with an elegant tie-neck, which hit all the way to her knees for a morning appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Mark. The actress was promoting her upcoming film, Family Switch, even sharing a clip of her segment to her Instagram story on Tuesday. Garner paired her bright blouse with a high-waisted chocolate leather skirt, which screams multi-hyphenate actress, CEO, and mother of three. Of course, Garner matched the skirt with a pair of closed-toe heels while her nails were painted a bright cherry red, another dominating color trend.

Jennifer Garner Dopamine Dressing

Jennifer Garner in a Jason Wu Collection Mustard Silk Chiffon Tie Blouse. 

(Image credit: Getty Images)

As a fashion professional, I can report that bright clothing like Garner's sunshine-colored blouse is another way to go about taking your daily dose of vitamins—especially when the sun goes into hiding much earlier with daylight savings time. Mastering dopamine dressing is a practiced skill, especially when done correctly throughout the winter season. Many of us thought that this trend would have become a faux pas when summer fades and the season's maximalist, care-free attitude goes with it. But we can happily announce that the colorful craze is still going strong since our spring 2023 trend report (and it may be the best treatment to cure any and all symptoms of seasonal depression). Doesn’t the A-lister look elated? 

If anything, Garner clearly knows about the mood-boosting properties behind dopamine dressing. The secret is finding a color that pops but does not clash—like her choice of bright yellow. See how her colorful blouse compliments the dark tones of the knee-length leather skirt but pops all on its own? She lets the blouse do all the talking for her look, and that’s one real fashion statement.

Ahead, shop a few sunny yellow blouses to serve as sartorial serotonin.

Maria Santa Poggi
Freelance Fashion Writer

Maria Santa Poggi is a freelance fashion writer. Her work has appeared in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, InStyle, and Harper’s Bazaar, amongst other publications.