The Spring 2023 Color Trend Report

Yup, hot pink makes an appearance.

Graphic of spring 2023 color trends of red, pink, yellow, purple, blue and black.
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Even if you've long considered yourself a staunch minimalist, you likely found yourself inviting more color into your wardrobe recently. Fashion folks will tell you this colorful change in heart is due to the widespread maximalist movement known as dopamine dressing. In times of strife (which, let's be honest, we've had plenty of in recent years), we seek joy wherever we can get it, including our fashion choices. And according to the highly-saturated hues of spring 2023's fashion trends, this joyful approach to style continues well into the coming season. Scene-stealing ruby minidresses, blazers done in electric purple, and yellow tunics that are a dose of Vitamin D—as Marie Ivanoff-Smith, Nordstrom's Women's Fashion Director, details below, the spring 2023 color trends are designed to make you smile.

An Array of Azure

graphic of cobalt blue color trends

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From Loewe's peplum frocks and Courrèges blouses done in crisp cobalt to Giorgio Armani's multiple models in deep azure, expect to see washes of rich, fathoms-deep blue everywhere this spring. "Saturated blue cobalt offers options for those who want to carry on with the dopamine dressing trend," says Marie Ivanoff-Smith, pointing to the vibrant nature of the pigment.

A Full Pink Palette

graphic of pink spring 2023 color trends

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You saw this coming: The hot pink trend prevails. But for those who've grown weary of Barbie-this, Barbie-that, everything Barbie, take solace in that spring 2023 explores the color's full gamut. "We saw the predicted pink come to life, featuring the whole palette from pastel to deep fuchsia," Ivanoff-Smith illustrates. "This spring, Nordstrom customers will resonate with all shades of pink for their emotional quality, shopping for gorgeous spring flowy dresses or tailored suits."

Anti-Boring Black

black spring 2023 color trends

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Across the four major cities, designers adopted a lively and nuanced perspective on color in their Spring/Summer 2023 showings—and this praxis extended to their use of fashion's all-time favorite shade, too: black. Look to the sultry draping in dark midnight at Saint Laurent or Max Mara's retro-inspired take on the little black dress. Despite the color occasionally inciting slight controversy within the style space (is it boring? too austere? morbid and funeral-ready?), when thoughtfully designed with a bit of sex appeal or vintage flair, black becomes dynamic and even fun. As Ivanoff-Smith puts it, "I believe in back to black as a statement for spring 2023.

Digital Lavender

digital lavender spring 2023 color trend

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"In contrast to other highly saturated shades, some shoppers will respond to the new muted pastels for a calming yet feminine effect," says the Nordstrom expert. In particular, she encourages you to look out for the "sensuous pale lavender" seen at Victoria Beckham, Brandon Maxwell, and Cecilie Bhansen. And even though it's not yet spring, you're likely already noticing an uptick in the muted hue, considering the trend forecasting company WGSN dubbed digital lavender the defining color of 2023 and Taylor Swift's "Lavender Haze" music video put the world under a purple spell.

Mellow Yellow

yellow spring 2023 color trends

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Another pastel hue Ivanoff-Smith encourages you to keep tabs on is "mellow yellow." Seen in seasonal collections from Bally, Rejina Pyo, and Tory Burch, the buttery shade is synonymous with spring (think of the tulips, daffodils, and forsythia bushes that begin to bloom toward the end of March). Bonus: on rainy and gray springtime days, a bright yellow piece can serve as sartorial sunshine, offering mood-boosting effects and a statement pop of color.

True Red

collage of red spring 2023 color trend

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"We see True Red making a comeback for statement dressing in sexy silhouettes," foretells the Nordstrom fashion expert, directing you to check out the sultry displays of crimson seen at Thebe Magugu, Carolina Herrera, and Schiaparelli. If turning heads is high up on your spring fashion agenda, fill your wardrobe with succulent ruby red.

Meet the Fashion Expert

Marie Ivanoff-Smith
Marie Ivanoff-Smith

Marie Ivanoff-Smith is the Women's Fashion Director at Nordstrom.

Emma Childs
Fashion Features Editor

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