Lily Gladstone’s Golden Globe Earrings Were a Beautiful Homage to Her Indigenous Heritage

Her beaded picture-frame earrings "held a bit of Blackfeet culture within.” 

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Fashion is at its best when it tells a story. Last night at the 2024 Golden Globes, Lily Gladstone’s ensemble was wrapped in meaning. The Killers of The Flower Moon actress, who is of Blackfeet and Nez Perce descent, made history as the first Indigenous person to win the award's Best Actress category. Styled by Jason Rembert, Gladstone wore a custom Valentino gown and accessorized with dangly beaded earrings by the Blackfeet and Cree artist Lenise Omeasoo. She continues to be a pioneer in preserving Indigenous culture through style, and Gladstone's Golden Globe earrings were a lovely reminder of fashion's impact when it transcends beyond just nice-to-look-at designs.

Gladstone’s look was masterfully minimalist. She wore her strapless ivory dress with a black textured cape layered loosely on her shoulders. Her makeup featured flecks of soft pink touches on her eyes and lips. She wore her hair in a braided updo, another nod to her Indigenous heritage as braids are significant in tribes for spiritual or traditional reasons.

Complementing her stunning Blvgari necklace were her beaded earrings from Omaesoo, which consisted of a black and white beaded design set in a contrasting gold frame. The artist explains to Marie Claire that the intricate frame design was inspired by Blackfeet culture. “The idea of a picture frame came to mind when creating the simple mirrored Blackfeet design,” says Omaesoo, who owns Antelope Women Designs. “The earrings [have] a flat beaded center hugged by a dramatic edge, with each texture playing a part in creating tiny regal picture frames [that hold] a bit of Blackfeet culture within.” 

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While accepting her award, Gladstone spoke in the Blackfeet language and repeatedly acknowledged the impact of her historic win. “It doesn’t belong to just me,” she said, “This is for every little Native kid out there who has a dream and is seeing themselves represented in our stories told by ourselves, in our own words.”

“I am incredibly proud of my fellow Blackfeet sister,” Omaesoo tells Marie Claire. “To hear her introduce herself in our native tongue [while] accepting the award was so heart-warming and gave me shivers. I am incredibly thankful to be a part of this moment in history.”

Lily Gladstone earrings golden globes 2024

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Throughout the Killers of The Flower Moon’s press tour, Gladstone has used her platform to spotlight Indigenous designers. At the Cannes Film Festival, Gladstone wore earrings by Jamie Okuma, the first Indigenous designer to be included in the CFDA. At the film’s official photo call, she also wore earrings by Shelby Leann Gorman, among others, throughout the tour.

It’s beautiful to see Gladstone weave her cultural pride into her own fashion legacy, and we look forward to her continuing to do so as award season continues.

Kaitlin Clapinski
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