Project Runway Episode 5 Recap: Seth Aaron's Take

Former winner Seth Aaron Henderson sums up each new episode of Project Runway just for MC.

We are beyond thrilled to have former winner of Project Runway, Seth Aaron Henderson writing recaps of every episode for us each week. And be sure to check out his groovy iPad covers at and his collections at

On your marks! Get set! Sew! This week is loopy. There are teams of three, designers are running, designers are falling, Tim's in jeans, Heidi is sprinting in heels, people are making people cry, others are quitting, and some are too legit to quit "picking on people". I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. On that note, what a prize! Dude really? Winning looks being produced and sold as part of Heidi's line on Amazon. Wow, all's we got on my season were some pats on the back and a Kit Kat bar. Unless of course you won the whole damn thing, which I did. Ha! Then it pays off rather well. But this season is packed to the brim with glory for almost every challenge. So Season 9 designers should shut up and sew and be thankful they are there. Because the other option could be standing in a little window, saying do you want fries with that? All right, enough of the small talk, let's talk design. In random order because papa misplaced his notes.


This dude is one of my favorite designers this season, but wtf just happened to Anthony? This was one of the most unflattering, shitty things I've seen come down the runway in some time. I hope he snaps back quick!


A perfectly sellable, rack-ready dress. Like everybody carries this dress. I mean everybody!!!! Not my pick for a winner, but at least she met the challenge specs.


I feel bad for Becky. She seems too nice to handle Mr. Mean Pants. So I won't even talk about this look.


Not too shabby, Mr. Bert. After all it was the best look of the team. But not right for the challenge. And I feel we may have seen Bert's range? Hope not.


Okay, he really stepped it up for me. This look was well made, cool and modern. This would have been my pick for the second winner. Good digggs


All I want to say is "What the HELL was she thinking?" There are more combos other than the teal and teal for tops. This had no business being in this mini collection. There was absolutely no cohesiveness at all.


I'm very happy Josh is back. Thanks Cecilia! I think he has more to say as a designer than she did. So I must say this look was super badass. It was executed awesomely. Love that top.


Even if he was being a mega prick this week (and I do mean meeeeegaaaa prick!) he did say sorry and managed to pump out a fantastical look that I feel met the challenge. It was hip and cool.


To start off, I liked this jacket. It was a nice little number. The rest of the look was not so rad.


This entire outfit looked like it was put in a blender, poured in a glass, drank and then thrown up on the model. And I'm being nice. She makes suberb items, just not this week.


To be fair, from the belt up it was interesting but then there was the prairie skirt. OMG, the f***ing prairie skirt. He should have listened to Heidi. If he took this skirt mid-thigh, it would have been a different story. It's called young and fun Olivier! Young and fun.


Rock it out, Viktor! Rock it out! This motor jacket is slammin'! The dress itself could use some work, but together it was the winning look. What up with the judges this year? They are for the most part spot on. Now that I've said that, next week will probably be all jacked up!

Thanks for stopping by this week, kids. Till next time, stay rad.

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