The Fashionable Way to Wear Sweatpants

Always deliberate, never lazy.

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They say once you have haters, you've made it. (Haters gonna hate...) And after sweatpants got publicly denounced by Eva Mendes—she jokingly called them the "#1 cause of divorce"—they're hotter than ever, according to verifiable data.

A new Google Data report is providing intel on American Google searches and sweatpants are among spring 2015's biggest trends. (For real.) In fact, according to the report, "people are willing to step out of their comfort zone on this trend." To drive the point home, the search engine has even provided us with a visual aid indicating what kind of jogger pants are most in demand.


Taking the lead is emoji-emblazoned styles, which we can only assume is a direct result of the Sarah Jessica Parker effect. Last fall, she stepped out in a pair of Lauren Moshi sweapants with two winky faces adoring each knee, which demonstrated 1) The power of a cute pair and 2) The importance of how you wear them.

For one, Parker styled them with ultra-cool accessories including a matchy-matchy gray sweater, nude, leg-elongating ankle boots, mirror shades, and a ribbon fedora. To top it off, she wore them scrunched up to a bermuda length that is decidedly on trend. Point being, it didn't look like she just *rolled* out of bed—the sweatpants were a crucial element of her outfit.

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Of course, we can't talk sweatpants without bringing up Rihanna, who wears them pretty much all the time. Whether she's pairing them with a button-down dress shirt and Air Jordans (see below) or a bomber jacket and heels, she proves they're as versatile as jeans, thanks to the flattering cuts, cool textures, and statement emblems.

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For those that are mourning the death of the Juicy sweatsuit, a staple of the early adopters, meet its 2015 counterpart: the matching set. Just yesterday, Kendall Jenner stepped out in a cropped T-shirt and matching joggers that were the epitome of athleisure chic, thanks to the tailored fit and edgy accessories, including a belted backpack and super modern shades.

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When it comes to choosing the style that's right for you, look to relaxed, yet form-fitting silhouettes that aren't frumpy, as well as details that accentuate your personal style. You want each pair of sweats to feel like an extension of your wardrobe, not just pajama pants you've thrown on underneath your regular clothes. Here, find some of our favorite styles from this season:

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