I Found the Best Joggers on Amazon and They're Only $31

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite pants of all time.

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Sometime during the first few weeks of lockdown, I had an epiphany: At 24 years old, it was finally time for me to find a pair of comfy, age-appropriate joggers.

I’d learned early into working remotely that, despite being a tremendous privilege, wearing pajamas all day starts to feel sweaty and wrong by 11 a.m. Leggings were beginning to get on my nerves too. I’d feel guilty wearing them when I wasn't keen on working out, let alone leaving the house. Ultimately, I needed to fill a void that formed back in 2005 when wide-leg gauchos vanished out of style.

So I set off to track down a perfect pair of joggers, which, to me, equals a breathable pair free of any bunching or cuffing nonsense. My non-negotiable criteria also included comfortable enough for all-day wear, sleek enough to not feel sloppy, and under $50.

Enter Ajisai: an activewear brand available on Amazon. When I spotted their $31 7/8 jogger travel pants with pockets in the "Customers Also Bought" field for another pair of pants, it was like seeing a mirage. Fast forward to September and I now own four pairs that I Do. Not. Stop. Wearing.

What moved the needle for me was how several reviewers compared the cropped travel pants to Lululemon’s On the Fly joggers, which retails for a steep $118. I figured I'd first try the affordable version before forking up the kind of funds I prefer putting toward shoes. After trying on the Ajisai travel pants (they're available on Prime and arrived in two days time), I fell in love.

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Here I am wearing them at London’s White Cube Gallery. I tried draping my jacket the European way.

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Not only do they feel silky on the skin, they have just the right amount of stretch, which creates a flattering silhouette. And, because they don’t bunch at the bottom, I've been able to get away with wearing them to art galleries and drinks outside. The quality is notably impressive, too—my family recently got a puppy who loves playing tug-of-war with the leg openings, and I've yet to see any signs of wear or pulling.

If you're thinking about grabbing a pair for yourself, Ajisai's travel joggers are available in blacknavytan and dark gray. Because word hasn't gotten out yet about how affordable these luxe-feeling beauties are (until now!), they're currently still available in most sizes. As for me? I'll continue to live in my four pairs for the foreseeable future.


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