7 Accidental Style Icons

The internet is a weird place, man.

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Both fashion and the Web love a good reference, though one's much more partial to cartoons and toys than "Bruno Mathsson and his summer homes Sodrakull and Frosakull." Below, we highlight seven of the cleverest and most spot-on comparisons.

1. Imani Izzi from Coming to America

Next step: For Bey herself to annoint VBC her actual muse. Riccardo Tisci will do too.

2. All the characters in Mario Party

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Okay, I really wish I'd thought of this. (See further evidence here.)

3. Spongebob and Patrick

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Tacked to Rihanna's moodboard: a pineapple under the sea, the secret recipe for Krabby Patties, because she would be the one to have it.

4. Syndrome from The Incredibles

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Edna Mode would *not* approve of that cape.

5. Felicity the American Girl Doll

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She was the colonial one, remember?

6. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein got a lot of girls back in the day, and furry Simon Rocha-like slippers was apparently how he did it.

Never gets old.

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