You Can Steal These Earrings from Marilyn Monroe—for $18

The classic Hollywood look is comin' back.
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There are few things about Marilyn Monroe you can recreate with ease—trust us, we've done the legwork. But there's one accessory that was beloved by Monroe—a classic, yet statement-making staple, that definitely belongs in your wardrobe: her signature gold hoop earrings.

In Niagra (1953), one of Monroe's first feature roles, she was an utter seductress bedecked in a hot pink, peekaboo wiggle dress paired with those coveted door knocker style gold hoops a.k.a. our new summer earring. And like all things Marilyn in the '50s, they became a wildy popular style for the decade.

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In 1954, Audrey Hepburn wore the same style earring off-duty (see above!) and in Sabrina when her character returned—a new woman–from a life-changing trip to Paris, showing them off with a cutting-edge pixie cut and a turban-style head wrap.

What we love about these Old Hollywood-beloved hoops is that they can still feel modern and versatile with today's styles—especially hot-hued, shoulder-baring looks for summer. But make no mistake, you can wear them with a button-up and distressed cut-offs just as easily as a simple sundress. They're a perfect retro touch.

The best part? You can find similar styles on the cheap, whether you're thrifting locally or hunting Etsy, which just happens to have a spitting image pair for $17.38.

So, instead of throwing all your money at ultra-trendy pieces—remember, ear jackets won't be in forever—invest in a pair you'll want to deck your lobes in for life.

MrsPollyLucite '50s Gold Hoops, $17.38;

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