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Rebel Wilson's New Plus-Size Fashion Line Is Here—And It's Badass

Well, it's the kind of "badass" you could get away with at work.

Rebel Wilson unveils new Torrid plus-size fashion line
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Rebel Wilson is known for making out-there fashion choices on the red carpet, but in a new capsule collection for plus-size clothing chain Torrid, she keeps it classy—with just enough edge to make it fun.

In an announcement, Wilson says she was inspired to create the clothing line after being unable to find plus-size clothing that fit her needs. "I've never really felt like there's a brand out there in the plus-size world that is creating cool stuff, that fits well and is good quality yet affordable," Wilson said. "It's really only been in the last few years that I've seen companies try." The result is a line that she calls "relevant and dope," incorporating her personal style and sense of fun. 

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Torrid says Wilson has been extremely hands-on with her designs, and that's clear from just looking at the line. There's a koala-print T-shirt (since Wilson is Australian), microphone details, and the word "Rebel" basically everywhere. It doubles as a badass statement and a reflection of the designer herself.


The best part? It's actually affordable. Rebel for Torrid, which runs from size 12 to 28, has approximately 25 pieces, ranging from $28 to $125. Plus, the collection is in mostly blacks, whites, and grays, which means it goes with everything.


The first collection is for the fall and into the holiday season, but she's also working on a spring 2016 collection. It's the second celebrity plus-size line to hit stores: Melissa McCarthy launched her Seven7 line this summer, which comes in sizes 4 to 28. 


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