This Is the Shirt You'll Live in All Summer

An important part of any indie dream girl costume. 

Design by Dana Tepper / Courtesy of La Ligne

It hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but the eighth wonder of the world has to be how Jeanne Damas and girls of her ilk can wear jeans and crew-neck sweaters and Cuban-heeled boots all the time and still look completely individual. I don't get it!

But what I do understand acutely is that once the above-70 temps arrive, we're all pretty much on an even playing field fashion-wise (boo-boo), given that the temps are high and the f*cks few. This is where the ringer tee comes in.

Tight in the chest and shoulders and short in the waist, the archetype of this shirt is vintage and sexy and nostalgic at the same time—vintage because of Dazed and Confused, sexy because boobs, and nostalgic because summer camp (which might have also involved your boobs). The aforementioned nonchalant Californian/French girl way of wearing the ringer tee is simply with thrift-store Levis more perfect than you could ever find or with string-bikini bottoms, but it would look just as good with a Courrèges miniskirt and slides.

One final piece of advice, even though the whole point of a ringer tee is *not* to think too hard: La Ligne if you can, Double Agent—a cool, young Spanish/Portuguese brand—because you should. 

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