Get to Know This On-the-Cusp Handbag Brand, Boost Your Fashion Cred 100-Fold

Kalamarie = your newest obsession.

Kalamarie handbag
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With a clever name, two charming founders, and, above all, a stellar product, it'll be a wonder if Kalamarie handbags *don't* get picked up by Moda Operandi, then Net-a-Porter, then fine retailers the world over. Just my prediction. (But you know I'm right.)

Kalamarie, helmed by Colombian sisters Melisa and Karen García Llamas, draws inspiration from their birthplace Cartagena, where the colonial entryways are guarded by reptile door knockers, and the nights don't end until 6 a.m.—at least. The architecture gets translated into their bags' structured shapes and signature gecko charm, while opulent croc and calf skins and convertible features (think backpack to speakeasy-ready top-handle) convey the port city's down-to-get-down sensibility.

For holiday, the "Hnnnnghhh I have to have this" dial gets turned up even higher, with silvery circular and square box clutches (lined in scarlet!) accentuating the arabesque of the lookbook's model-ballerina. What's consistent across all seasons, however, is that everything is still made in their home country from the finest materials by Italian-trained artisans.

Kalamarie handbag

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Further fortune-telling: I will buy the Amélie. I will buy another minaudière because I like the brushed calf hair. I will file bankruptcy. But Kalamarie will flourish, and my chapter 11 will have all been worth it.

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