Why This Old-Fashioned Accessory Is One of the Most *Now* Things You Can Wear

Time to surgically remove the black elastic from your wrist.

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As far as cinematic hair accessories go, you could do a lot worse than Mulan's comb. In fact, as far as *any* hair accessories go, IRL or onscreen, you could again do a lot worse than Mulan's comb—right now, especially.

In recent months, the hair comb has gone from the bottom of your rubbish drawer to the runway (Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, etc.) to Jen Atkin's Chloe and Isabel collaboration to the pulled-back bangs of best-dressed model Caroline Brasch. This time, however, they've abandoned their granny/bad-'80s associations for more minimalist, forward-looking pastures. (Though actual antique, hand-carved teeth holding your half-up-do in place would give off pleasantly off-kilter vibes when paired with, say, a technical fabric Rachel Comey dress.)

So instead of tortoiseshell, wood, or ghastly fluorescent yellow plastic (blegh), set your sights on a Lucite version from coolest-of-the-cool retailer Lisa Says Gah or a gold filigree Trademark model so ornamental it could double as an imperial door knocker.

There's no (other) really wrong way to wear them, but some final bits and pieces to consider: 1) a symmetrical, one-on-each-side look is fine, but a haphazard, all-over Rodarte Spring 16 application is better. 2) Tucked into the curve of a side braids joined in the back is good too. And 3) if you do end up going off to war in your father's stead, *don't* leave yours behind.

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