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5 Predictions About Meghan Markle's Style as a Royal

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. (But also, LET'S.)

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Ever since they took that disgustingly romantic getaway to Norway, the "best friends" and bookies have all been like, "IMPENDING ENGAGEMENT FOR PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHAN MARKLE." We're down. Here, in preparation for that fairytale union, five speculations on how the ermine-and-scepter life might affect her style.

1. The Shoes Can Stay

From our close analysis of her preexisting dress sense, we can determine that Markle favors her legs, and that, to better show them off, she likes her shoes high and strap-y. That might not always work for long days of standing, but flats and lower heels from Sarah Flint, CFDA member and one of her favorite shoe designers, ought to take care of that. She'll be fine in this department—as long as she doesn't get into wedges.

2. The Hemlines Might Not, Though

Short skirts: practically a job requirement for TV actresses, more like a job *ender* for aristocrats (even ones who marry in). She might have to go for more conservative hemlines—to avoid international incidents or flashing the ambassador to Cambodia—but nearly perma-knee-length doesn't have to be snoozy, as Kate Middleton proves. Although unless you're having weights sewn into all your dresses, the wind will always be unpredictable.

3. Her Color Palette Is Good to Go

Yes, it's like Markle's been preparing her whole life to be royalty-ready, which some childhood pal might soon come crawling out of the woodwork to repeat on a chat show. Day to day, it's all neutrals, all the time, but she looks bomb in Netflix red and sapphire blue.

4. She'll Fit in Some More British Designers

...And American and Canadian ones. Think of the exposure she could give younger fashion houses, like Misha Nonoo and Wes Gordon.

5. She Might Need to Reconsider the *Personal* Jewelry

Out with the "H" pendant, in with the tiaras borrowed from Granny. But if her husband-to-maybe-be gets to keep his bracelets, it wouldn't be fair if she has to nix her sentimental pieces...Here's to a more emotive monarchy.

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