Models Slip on the Herve Leger Runway

Like watching cars slip and slide in an ice storm, the Herve Leger show offered a multitude of entertainment for guests.

Like watching cars slip and slide in an ice storm, the Hervé Léger show offered a multitude of entertainment for guests. Clothes-which conjured up inevitable moments of Balmain-aside, Sophia Bush, Michelle Trachtenberg, Lucy Liu, Joy Bryant, and January Jones all strutted their stuff in the brand's signature bandage dresses (Overheard from one editor: "If I was a celebrity, this would be the last show I'd attend because I'd be too scared to wear one of the dresses!").

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And while Prada's show last September in Milan was remembered in part for the number of models that tumbled in the socks that were built into their heels, the fate of the models at Hervé Léger fared not much better. At least four of them suffered a fall-two of them loud enough to be heard from the last row. Blame it on the combination of a slick wooden runway and the slippery soles of the otherwise sexy gladiator-meets-tribal heels. "We try to help them, but I think they almost get up by themselves better," one security guard offered. Lubov Azria, clearly learning from the models' mistakes, treaded ever so lightly as she remained firmly ensconced in her Hervé Léger heels while joining hubby Max for a bow.


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