Accessories at Philip Lim

Clothes aside, the real stars at Wednesday's terrific 3.1 Phillip Lim show was the accessories - courtesy of Cartier. The French jewelry launched a new collection of Trinity pieces in celebration of its landmark Centennial in America this year. Inspired by the original Trinity ring from 1924 that has become one of the House's most iconic motifs, the collection will roll out in two phases: the first will bow in stores this week after the show. Called Trinity 100, it will feature rings, bracelets, earrings in the three colors of 18-karat gold, each representing a different stage of a relationship: white for friendship, rose for the love that friendship grows into, and yellow for the fidelity that is ultimately declared.

Each piece in the first phase will feature diamond stars--some with 100 stars for year Cartier has been in the US. The second phase of the collection will launch in April. The original Trinity ring from 1924 achieved cult status after the French poet and visionary, Jean Cocteau, wore it from the late 1920s, and the famous interior decorator, Elsie de Wolf, was the first American client to buy the Trinity bracelet. Other notable people to wear the collection through the years have included: Halle Berry, Madonna, Eva Mendes, Sienna Miller, Kristen Scott Thomas, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, and Brooke Shields.

Prices for the collection start at $1,700.

Jim Shi was born in Brussels, Belgium, and grew up in Paris before moving to New York City. For the past four-and-a-half years, Shi was fashion news editor of IMG's fashion and media industry publication The Daily, and editor of its sister Website, Fashion Week Daily. He has covered Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, and Paris.

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