Designer Divorce: Remembering Erin Wasson x RVCA

With serious footholds in the modeling, designing, styling, and party-going sectors of the fashion industry, uber-mannequin Erin Wasson is one of fashion's favorite females to watch. So when news broke that the Texan catwalker's four-seasons-running collaboration with surf and skate label RVCA was kaput, we couldn't believe our ears. Whether it's creative differences, the end of a contract, or something more catty that caused the folks at RVCA to pull the plug, one thing's for sure — Erin's work for the brand has certainly been, um, interesting to watch evolve. To wit, check out a few of the collection's highs and lows over the past couple years:

Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

The Good

Available in both red and blue, Erin's ditsy-floral Sideshow frock was the hands-down star of her Spring 2009 collection. Sure, it was quickly snatched up by every editor, model, and hipster in Manhattan, making it that year's answer to the Dress That Won't Die, but it sure was adorable — especially when worn by the willowy Wasson herself, seen here at the collection's London launch.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The Bad

Erin celebrated her debut collection with a booze-fueled fiesta in NYC's Lower East Side. Too bad said line included lace-up denim flares with writing across the derriere. Sorry, Wasson, but these jeans most definitely shouldn't be made legal.

Thomas Concordia/WireImage

The Ugly

Erin's Spring 2010 line brought us yet another denim disaster. Here's the thing — rompers can, and often do, look stylish. Throw in side cutouts and oddly placed snaps and flaps, however, and you might find yourself (quite literally) in a fashion bind.

We're curious to see where the recently Billabong-bought RVCA will go now that they've cut their ties to the model — but for those of you wondering where to get your next Wasson fix, don't fret. There's always Low Luv.

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