An Underground Bunker for Models Actually Exists

An underground bunker for models actually exists.

Life as a model may seem glamorous but it can have its exasperating and exhausting moments. Long days filled with multiple go-sees combined with constant competition for magazine shoots can result in quite the distressing experience. Enter Model Lounge Microsoft, an exclusive models-only club in New York City. The lounge is the brainchild of Bernard Smith whose model girlfriend complained that she was always being hit on when she stopped at Starbucks locations between casting calls.

Founded in 2009, the lounge, located in the basement of The Coffee Shop in Union Square, is sponsored by Microsoft and provides models an oasis of calm and relaxation. New York Daily News reported that everything in the lounge is provided by corporate sponsors and is free to members. They can sip non-alcoholic drinks, snack on healthy foods, play video games, check their email, and even have a complimentary massage all in an environment where everyone understands the pressures of their jobs. The lounge membership card can also be used for discounts at shops and restaurants all over town. The only requirement to join is proof of representation by one of the top ten agencies in New York City.

Models already have access to cutting edge fashion and a jet-setting lifestyle. With Model Lounge Microsoft, they also have their own exclusive hideout.

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Models lounge backstage at London Fashion Week.