10 Very Important Outfit Ideas from Pre-Fall You Will Be Sorry to Miss

Don't say we didn't warn you.

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J. Mendel

Just in time for this season, which we suppose could also fall under the city-block-size umbrella that is "pre-fall," here is an extremely pretty dress made even prettier with a fur scarf tied cross-body. Look at the flats too. Delicious.

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A dude! Demonstrating a girl-friendly layering technique: printed T-shirt (for contrast), jumper, half-zip, coat.

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Alexander Wang

Perhaps best saved for the warmer side of pre-fall, this Wang ensemble solves the eternal problem of "How do I wear real pajamas outside but not just silky clothes that only look like PJs?" Important headwear considerations present, as well.

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Modernity's answer to the going-out top.

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Diane von Furstenberg

You don't have to be a beanpole to pile on flow-y, drape-y things, then a bag worn the newest, coolest way. Tips: complementary colors and prints help. Trousers hemmed to fall just above the floor also help.

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Cinq à Sept

Dresses that button down the front = the real closet MVPs, because you can undo the top half to show a matching camisole/more clavicle.

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3.1 Phillip Lim

How to Get Away with an Off-the-Shoulder Top, Which Might Feel Passé but Makes Everybody Feel Pretty.

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Tanya Taylor

Sequel: How to Continue Wearing a One-Shoulder Top Because a One-Shoulder Top Should Be Celebrated as Often as Possible.

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Throw away your bra. Wear your shirts open all the way to the navel.

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An addition to the list of things you should excavate from your childhood closet: halter tops to make a shirtdress feel less corporate.

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