Behold, the Eye Candy That Is Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2017 Men's Show

So many well-dressed millennials on a single runway.

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Dolce & Gabbana has made a habit of courting and catering to the 20-something crowd over the past several seasons. The Italian fashion house routinely hosts the hottest It girls and guys in its front row at Fashion Week, and fills its model lineup with of-the-moment #DGMillennials. The Fall 2017 men's show that took place in Milan this weekend was no exception.

Leading the pack was social media sensation Cameron Dallas, along with a slew of celebrity offspring such as Rafferty Law (Jude Law's son), Presley Gerber (Cindy Crawford's son, Brandon Thomas Lee (Pamela Anderson's son). The casting went on to include Luka Sabbat, rapper Tinie Tempah, YouTube stars Juanpa Zurita, Marcus Butler and Sergio Carvajal, models Chase Hill and Lucky Blue Smith, plus Vine star Neels Visser, street style photographer Lee Oliveira, and many other youthful influencers. Peppered throughout the throng of #DGPrinces were a few featured female models, such as Sofia Richie, Sistine and Sophia Stallone (Sylvester Stallone's daughters), Pyper America, Starlie Cheyenne, and Daisy Clementine (Lucky Blue Smith's sisters), Immy Waterhouse (Suki Waterhouse's sister), Sonia Ben Ammar (ex-girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham), and Lori Harvey (Steve Harvey's step-daughter)—to name a few.

The theme of the collection was royalty, and the clothes (and models) were as regal as it gets. Click through to see all the looks from Dolce & Gabbana's epic runway show.

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Cameron Dallas

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Brandon Thomas Lee

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Rafferty Law

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Luka Sabbat

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Sofia Richie

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Chen Xuedong

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Sonia Ben Ammar

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Immy Waterhouse

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Pelayo Díaz

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Neels Visser

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Carlo Sestini

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Lala Rudge

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Juanpa Zurita

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Lori Harvey

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Yumi Dondo

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