The Most Iconic Swimsuits of All Time

From Bo Derek to Kim's thong.


Every girl can have a swimwear moment if she's got a patient friend and some good light, but if you want something slightly longer-lasting than Instagram, you're gonna need a crew and some A1 immersion into the culture. Here, 21 suits that did just that to become the most memorable ever.

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1 Raquel Welch

Cavewomen probably did not look like this. But tatters sell, so that's what Hollywood did for One Million Years B.C. #marketing

2 Taylor Swift

This pic put to rest the conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift doesn't have a belly button (almost exclusively wearing high-waist bottoms tends to do that), though the debate surrounding the bent railing rages on. 

3 Kim Kardashian

On the flip side (heh), a celebrity most of the world has seen naked in some capacity managed to top even herself...with clothes. Seen here on a girls' vacation in Mexico, she wears thong swimsuit bottoms, which prompted Piers Morgans to comment on her cellulite, though nobody asked him. 

4 Farrah Fawcett

Hung in teenage bedrooms the world over. 

5 Carrie Fisher
Getty Images

Though the late Carrie Fisher drew attention to how problematic it was, the bondage-inspired two-piece remains firmly in the HOF of movie costumes. 

6 Romy Schneider
Getty Images

La Piscine had everything: extremely beautiful stars, an extremely French plot, and the chicest wardrobe, including this flawlessly cut white maillot. 

7 Brooke Shields
Getty Images

If you didn't already know it, you could probably guess what the Blue Lagoon was about by looking at Brooke Shields' shipwreck-underwear-thing. (Answer: naked, unsupervised teens.)

8 Brigitte Bardot
Getty Images

The film is literally titled Girl in the Bikini. So they better have made it a good one. 

9 Marilyn Monroe

The characters of How to Marry a Millionaire might have accomplished their goal to varying degrees of success, but Marilyn's ultra-flattering ruched one-piece went over well with *all* audiences. 

10 Keira Knightley

Like a moving Horst photo in an all-around gorgeous movie.

11 Cameron Diaz

Now a short interlude of Charlie's Angels running on the beach with surfboards under their arms.

12 Demi Moore

Moore as the fallen Angel who certainly didn't *look* like she'd ever retired. 

13 Ursula Andress

The OG Bond girl.

14 Halle Berry

And another OG Bond girl referencing her predecessor.

15 Sue Lyon

A bikini: probably the least scandalous thing about Lolita, really.

16 Rachel McAdams

Blah blah, they love each other forever, but can we talk about this whole bathing costume situation? Ace. 

17 Kate Bosworth

The Blue Crush bikini that put Kate Bosworth on the map.

18 Phoebe Cates

Oh, what some slo-mo and a little red suit can do. 



20 Gwyneth Paltrow

The main draws of the Talented Mr. Ripley go like this: Gwynnie's beach-holiday wardrobe, young Jude Law, then [insert seven other things], and finally Matt Damon's honestly kind of lackluster shapeshifting abilities.

21 Bo Derek

Still a perfect 10. Or a 💯. 

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