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10 Affordable Fall Dresses to Get You Even More Amped for the Season

[Reconstitutes self from pool of sweat.]

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Are we human or are we blob? Can't really tell anymore, given that the average body wasn't really made to withstand three months of day-drinking outside in 90-degree-plus heat. But now that our thinking turns to day-drinking in cooler weather but it's darker because of the tilt of the earth's axis, that calls for a costume change too. Here, shop 10 fall dresses a bit more substantial than the linen smocks you've been living in since June.

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The same yuba-textured fabric as those pants everybody was wearing this summer, but a dress in an ace color. 

H&M, $25

BUY IT: hm.com.


The rugby shirt is baaack. If you're still traumatized by the Blues Clues people just REPLACING Steve with some rando, here's a gentler, cozier sweater dress with the same stripey vibe. There, there.

Aritzia, $150

BUY IT: aritzia.com.


Muumuus are a state of mind. (Except this one's got a shirt collar and enough of a waist to make it a member of the Real Clothes Club.) 

Farrow, $88

BUY IT: needsupply.com.


Start planning Instagram shots of the sunlight filtering through the sheer sleeve and hitting one of the rhinestones to make a rainbow, LOL.

Mango, $120

BUY IT: shop.mango.com.


Because the buttons actually work, this is your all-year MVP. Layer with a turtleneck, unbutton to waist height and wear over trousers. 

Zara, $40

BUY IT: zara.com.


The PVC thing won't die, so get yourself a swingy dress that naughtily zips all the way down.

Front Row Shop, $95

BUY IT: frontrowshop.com.


Summer work style vibe: One millimeter away from an HR violation. Fall vibe: Ready for the C-suite in draped jersey.

COS, $99

BUY IT: cosstores.com.


Another solid work option you'll wear seven times a month at least, because what's easier than a shirtdress? 

Topshop, $100

BUY IT: topshop.com.


There's something so '80s about the big shoulders and small skirt, but these days, the same silhouette has more of a Jacquemus, rolling-in-the-grass vibe. Keep it going in black, with some heavy-soled boots. 

& Other Stories, $95

BUY IT: stories.com.


Vive le slip dress. If you're in the market for a new one—and who isn't, when it's 20 BUCKS—this guy comes in a plush fabric and multiple colors.

Uniqlo, $20

BUY IT: uniqlo.com.

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